Matthew R. Perry

Bruce Wilkinson to Leave Africa

In Missions on February 25, 2006 at 7:11 am

Bruce Wilkinson, an exceedingly gifted teacher in the evangelical world whose main ‘claim to fame’ was his work on “The Prayer of Jabez,” has entered into retirement from active ministry. Wilkinson was the founder and longtime president of Thru The Bible Ministries. His “Seven Laws of the Learner” teaching curriculum changed my life in how I teach and is highly regarded by those inside and outside of the church.

But after Wilkinson penned “The Prayer of Jabez” and found it to be a monumental success and long-time best seller, he used the fortune made from those sales to leave Thru The Bible to go to Africa in 2002. He felt God calling him to wipe out poverty in Africa — so he began the ministry “Dream For Africa.”

I agree with Josh Harris’ assessment that this article from Christianity Today (click on the title of this blog entry) is very balanced in commending Wilkinson for his desire to spread the Kingdom in a hands-on way, but also outlines some rather serious oversights in accomplishing this on the African continent. The lessons shown in this must not be missed.

I have gone on record in saying that I am not a Prayer of Jabez fan. It expanded a bit too much into a good luck charm. If you want what I believe is a better treatment of the Prayer of Jabez is found in a sermon by none other than Charles Spurgeon (click here).

Please keep Dr. Wilkinson in prayer. Here are two short paragraphs from the CT article that puts Dr. Wilkinson’s feelings in perspective:

“Bruce was quite broken at this time,” a source who requested anonymity told CT. “[DFA] had physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially taken a serious toll.” … Like many missionaries, he burned out. Wilkinson, who admits that his Jabez-like prayer for the audacious project did not work, told The Wall Street Journal, “I’ll put it down as one of the disappointments of my career.”


Please keep him in your prayers and the orphans in Africa ravaged by AIDS as well.

  1. Amen, brother. We would love if you would post these blog entries at Thanks for the insight!

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