Matthew R. Perry

What a Little Paint Can Do

In Church Life, For Preachers/Pastors on March 1, 2006 at 1:16 pm

A couple of weeks ago, I asked one of our members who is a very gifted artist to paint a mural in the hallway of our children’s area. I saw the wheels in her brains turning and she finally said, “Sure — I’d love to.” The result was a kid’s wing that had been entirely repainted and a Noah’s Ark mural with a checked border. She said she had some other ideas to make it a type of zoo theme.

When Sunday came and all the parents dropped off their children, you could not imagine their surprise and delight! And it seemed to get the creative juices flowing about what they could do to their rooms. There was a buzz about our church that had been missing for a while.

All over a little paint!

What’s the point? The point is that we get so locked in to our ‘church culture’ and our committees and our ‘way of doing things’ that I believe we miss the greater good of church life — God has granted everyone gifts to bring to the table of His Kingdom work.

  • This woman could paint — and she was thrilled and excited to put that gift to work for the Kingdom!
  • Some may play a musical instrument besides the piano and organ — do they have a place to contribute? You bet they do — if we allow ourselves to climb outside of that box!
  • Some are people persons who have a way of making others feel warm and welcomed and loved — where could they serve? Maybe a greeter or a part of the Welcome Center!

My goodness, I find myself thinking in a box even now to come up with other ideas. But the point is this — God gifted you to give! It may not be as a missionary or a pastor or preacher, but it’s somewhere.

I’m telling you — this small revelation that I believe God granted me based on 1 Corinthians 12:12-14. One body, many members, many gifts, many talents — all doing Kingdom work. Such an elementary truth — but revolutionary!!!

I guess it just took a little paint to drive the point home.


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