Matthew R. Perry

Being On-Mission is a Non-Negotiable for the Church

In Church Life, Missions on March 3, 2006 at 3:47 pm

Many of us in the evangelical world (especially amongst us Southern Baptists) have grown weary with ‘institutional church.’ In other words, we have grown disillusioned with church as an inward looking entity and … institution rather than an outward looking organism. This happens for various reasons which will be outlined later.

It is much easier for a church to simply ‘keep house’ and to get locked in to business as usual. And, if I may use another cliche, we simply must begin thinking outside of the box — all the while remaining true to the glorious doctrines of the blessed faith as outlined in the Scriptures.

Below are two links about those who are outside the box thinkers. The first is an article from the IMB about a family who returned ‘home’ to South Asia following the death of their eight-year-old son. Conventional wisdom says, “Stay in the States where its safe.” Read their story with delight and reflection!

The second one was forward to be from one of our members who, from what I gather, took a similar trip in South Asia a number of years ago — so this story is very near and dear to him. Again — outside the box ministry work.

Missionaries return ‘home’ following family tragedy.

Backpacking Girls Reach to the Ends of the Earth

Our church has and will be undertaking the Acts 1:8 Challenge that will help us become a worldwide missions center. Yesterday, we had our first “On Mission Team” meeting which will show us how to prepare, learn, pray, give, go, tell, send and multiply in fulfillment of this Acts 1:8 Challenge put forth by our Lord Jesus Himself.

Any outside the box thinkers out there when it comes to reaching your world? I’m convinced this is a mandate for our church:

Upward in worship
Inward in discipleship
Outward in ministry and missions.

For individuals, it is this. We are called to:

Spread the glory of God.
Strengthen the church.
Study His Word.
Share with the lost.

Just some thoughts.

  1. Bro. Matt:

    My name is David Cape, and I am a member of Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas. In the summer of 2003, we took a group of our high school students on a summer mission trip to Point Fortin, Trinidad. Roddie Taylor and the good people at Mt. Beulah hosted our group, and we had a fantastic experience. I have misplaced Roddie’s contact info, so I was wondering if you could give me his email address. We have a new missions pastor at KBC named Omar Garcia, and I would like to follow up with Roddie and introduce him to Omar.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Be Blessed,

    David Cape

  2. David:

    So good to hear from another brother who loves Trinidad as much as I do. I have sent you a personal e-mail with Pastor Roddie’s contact info. I will talk to him tonight — he’s doing revival services with us this week — and I will let him know about you and Kingsland. He’ll be thrilled.

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