Matthew R. Perry

ABC Moments in Breakout Moments

In Church Life, For Preachers/Pastors, For Seminary Students, Leadership on March 10, 2006 at 8:38 am

The ABC Moment in breakout churches is often the make or break in pastorates. Here it is:

Awareness. Leadership and key persons become aware that the church is not nearly all God intended it to be. At this stage it is common for church leaders to seek some type of outside perspective, such as attending a conference, zealously reading about issues related to the church, or hirign outside consultants. There is a keen desire to learn and improve.

Belief. This is where a leader confronts the brutal reality of the church. The facts serve as a wake-up call to make needed changes. This does not cause despair, but rather a strong belief that God can do something great even in these situations.

Crisis. When the change takes place, there’s a crisis in the heart of the leader, in the members of the church, and even in the attitudes of the members toward the leader. This is often a painful stage and is the time when many pastors leave. (p. 72).

This shows the strength needed in the leader and the prayer that must take place to change hearts so the church goes from where they are to where God needs them to be.


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