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In Miscellaneous on March 13, 2006 at 9:09 am

Today is busy, busy, busy, but I still would like to post a few things in no particular order.

Sermon from this past Sunday

I preached on King Josiah from 2 Chronicles 34 on the topic, “How To Know Revival Has Happened.” We schedule revival meetings each Spring and ours kicks off with a Youth Rally on Saturday the 18th at 7:00 p.m., followed by the revival services led by Pastor Roddie Taylor from Trinidad on the 19th through the 21st.

If you’d like to listen to the sermon via RealAudio, click here. This will be up for the next month or so.

I Get Fearful When I Hear of People Angry

Sometimes people come to me with such anger and rage in their hearts over past (or sometimes present) grievances with someone else in their life, I begin to get nervous. Last night we looked at Genesis 4. Cain’s anger led to murder and all murders have anger backing them. Jesus even mentioned that if you have anger in your heart you have committed murder in your heart as well and that your worship is cut off and useless until that anger is dealt with and reconciliation ensues.

If you find yourself angry, settle your accounts quickly — for God’s sake, for your sake, and for your relationships’ sake.

The IMB-Baptism Issue

The issue does seem to be the eternal security issue, not just the mode of baptism. One pointed out correctly that this will always be the case with Southern Baptists — immersion will always be the mode. But whether a baptism that takes place in evangelical churches that do not hold to eternal security, that’s the primary issue here that is now being made policy.

The NCAA Tournament Begins

For me, the Tourney is the Super Bowl, the World Series, Daytona, and the NBA Finals rolled all into one. This is the best time of the year for this college sports fan. I am both a Louisville Cardinal fan (no tourney this year after a Final Four run last year) and a Florida Gator fan (grew up an hour from Gainesville). I’m happy with their No. 3 seed. We’ll see how far they can go this year after winning the SEC tournament for the second straight year.

Who do you think will make it to the Final Four? Here’s my picks:

Atlanta: Texas (Duke is just running out of steam)
Washington, D.C.: UConn (Calhoun just knows how to win)
Oakland: UCLA (or Gonzaga — have you seen that Morrison kid?)
Minneapolis: Florida (this is a biased pick — Go GATORS!!)

For a printable bracket in pdf format, click here.


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