Matthew R. Perry

Where is Your Denomination Located?

In Church Life, Missions on April 29, 2006 at 12:07 am

Al Mohler has such a helpful blog entry on this issue.  The Glenmary Research Center has put together a map showing where our various denominations are represented across the country. 

Speaking for Southern Baptists, why are we clustered so much in the South and Southeast?  I mean, I know we are Southern Baptists, but shouldn't we have moved out a little more by now?  Mohler makes a point that the Pacific Northwest has the fewest church represented there — and it shows by how liberal they are politically and socially!

Sounds like a part of Samaria that we need to reach, eh?

  1. That’s a map that should set the direction for missions for the next two or three decades.

  2. that is PRECISELY why i’m going out to PNW this summer. God has put a passion in my heart for them.

  3. The West is probably where you will find the most conservative, evangelistic, and evangelical Southern Baptist churches in this country. PNW and California. Southern Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in California and, among religious groups as a whole, trail behind Catholics and Mormons. Still the need is great as it is everywhere.

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