Matthew R. Perry

Revival Services coming — could use your prayers.

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2006 at 5:43 pm

For two weeks out of the year, my church permits me to go to other churches to conduct revival services either in preaching or music.  And I'm excited about the opportunities God has in store this coming October.

meansbcsign.jpgI have been asked to preach at a Sovereign Grace Bible Conference at the Means Baptist Church in Menifee County, KY, on October 15-18 of this year. Pastor Joey Rogers, a dear Reformed brother who pastors this church in our association, requested that I would preach a series of five sermons on the topic of the Holy Spirit. I am excited about this, not only because I have the chance to be at this dear church but also it will make me concentrate on what the Scriptures have to say about the Holy Spirit.

John Owen once said, "In Old Testament times, the people of God neglected God the Father. In New Testament times, they neglected the Son. Here in the church age, they neglect the Holy Spirit." I believe there is much false teaching about the work of the Holy Spirit in our day that grieves Him even as they try to exalt Him.

I covet your prayers so that I would rightly represent the true teaching of the Holy Spirit in relation to creation, conviction, conversion, consecration, and counseling. And if there are any works on the Holy Spirit you'd recommend, please leave your recommendations in the comments section of this entry.

Thank you in advance.


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