Matthew R. Perry


In Culture, Politics on June 3, 2006 at 8:57 pm

Al Mohler has a great blog entry about this controversy hitting Kentucky.  The hinge year from the BC/BCE to the AD/CE is still Christ's birth!  Why ignore it and not simply explore it to see why Jesus' birth is the hinge year?  Gimme a break!  I thought education was about informing.  What was I thinking?

  1. I remember back in the nineties, it was suggested (at SBTS, believe it or not) that we use references like CE and BCE to interact with the larger world of academia. And I followed along and probably wrote a paper or two using these terms, but one day I realized exactly what you (and Mohler) point out–BC and AD still revolve around Christ’s birth! So I dropped that kind of use altogether. I’m a Christian, and have no need to apologize for using BC and AD, regardless of what circles I’m wanting to interact with.

    To me the same thing applied to move a few years back to use something other than “Old Testament.” Usually it was suggested that “Hebrew Bible” was a better term, since Jews did not consider it to be “old.” But “Hebrew Bible” doesn’t work either because it doesn’t consider the use of the LXX. I can’t legitimately say that the NT writers quoted the “Hebrew Bible” when most of the quotations are from the LXX written in Greek. So, again, I knocked on the door of common sense and went back to the use of “Old Testament.” As a Christian, that’s what it is. To say it’s the “Old Testament” is to say it’s the “Former Covenant.” That doesn’t denigrate its place in the Canon.

    Look, Matt–now my comment is longer than your initial post!

  2. What! Are you kidding? Not only is your comment longer than my original post, but it’s BETTER! Thanks for such a thoughtful reply.

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