Matthew R. Perry

Congratulations to Frank Page, the new SBC President

In Church Life, SBC on June 14, 2006 at 2:05 am

Our family is having a wonderful time at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting here in Greensboro, NC.  It is truly a study in cooperation and parliamentary procedure — not to mention a great way to catch up on all the SBC entities.  The fellowship is nice as well.  I have had the chance to see people I haven't seen in years!  The high point in that aspect was seeing Chris Whaley and his family.  Chris serves as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Longwood, FL, and was very instrumental in me starting out in the ministry in the early 1990s.  

Special congratulations to Frank Page.  Although I voted for Jerry Sutton, it was clear that the other nominees jumped on the fact that Ronnie Floyd's church gave only 0.27% of their annual budget to the Cooperative Program.  Frank Page's church gives over 12%. 

The best and the worst lines of the convention came from Frank Page's nominator, Forrest Pollock, pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Fla..  The best was this: "My father could not spell SBC President without the letters 'CP'." 

But he also gave the worst, as noted, "This vote is not about theology, but methodology."  Are they mutually exclusive?  To most Southern Baptists, they must be.  Theology drives everything.  If theology is not driving your methodology, I'm not interested in your methodology. 

More tomorrow (hopefully). 

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on the convention. I agree with your statement regarding the worst line. The nominators statement is indicative of much of SBC life – most things are about methodology and not enough about Theology. Good insight brother.

  2. If I understand, the best man for president of the SBC is one whose church he pastors is giving more to CP than the guy he is running against. Isn’t that the jest of things? Is that “theology” or “methodology” … seems to me to be one without the other. I am messing with you, but so its been reported that was the emphasis of the vote … who supported CP more got more votes. Keep sharing Matt!

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