Matthew R. Perry

Top Five Books on the Book of Books (Robert Alter)

In Theology on August 19, 2006 at 10:11 pm

Robert Alter submitted an article to the Opinion Journal about the top five books on the Bible. I have not read any of these books (and I would be curious to hear the opinions of those who have read these), but one thing I did notice right off the bat: the oldest of them is from 1953. I am curious as if Mr. Alter meant that these were the greatest recent books written on the Bible, or if these are the greatest books ever written on this subject?

Any of you have any knowledge of these books? What are your thoughts?

Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my top five that influenced me deeply:

(1) The Message of the Old/New Testament by Mark Dever (2004, 2006);

(2) The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures by B.B. Warfield (1889);

(3) Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Klein, Bloomberg, and Hubbard (1993)

(4) God, Revelation, and Authority by Carl F.H. Henry (1976-1983).

(5) The Journey from Texts to Translations by Paul Wegner (latest edition, 2004)

What are yours?


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