Matthew R. Perry

Are We Losing Our Liberties in the Name of Security?

In Politics, Religious Liberties, War on Terror on August 21, 2006 at 1:55 pm

Michael Graham in the latest edition of the Patriot Post posited his frustration:

An acquaintance of mine…from Britain posted the following item right after the London terror plot was uncovered: ‘I’ve been away for a week in Jamaica and so encountered the new air travel rules on the trip back. At Atlanta, the TSA confiscated my 2-year-old’s diaper rash ointment… Another victory for liberty!’ I know exactly how he feels. Watching televised images of American travelers, lumbering like docile cows through rope lines, obediently tossing their Skin-So-Soft and soda cans into government-approved containers, I felt…ashamed. Yes, I know about the plot to blow planes out of the sky using peroxide-based explosives and the flash from disposable cameras. Perhaps our abandoned tubes of Crest and travel bottles of Pert Plus are the price we must pay for our security, but in my gut I know it’s wrong. We aren’t the problem, we vast majority of Americans lugging our suntan lotion and ChapStick through airports. Treating us all like potential terrorists is annoying. It’s inconvenient. But worst of all, it makes us look just plain dumb.

I’d love to hear from you on this.

(1)  Have any of you travelled in the last two weeks?  What’s the security system like that’s in place in our airports?  Are Graham’s comments overboard?

(2)  Do you feel that we are losing our liberties in the name of security, or do you feel that these measures are appropriate given that we are in a time of war?


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