Matthew R. Perry

New section to this blog — and a call for suggestions from you expert bloggers out there!

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2006 at 9:54 am

I have added a new section called “Articles and Sermons.”  Right now, I’ve only linked to about 10-15 but there will be more coming soon.

I am also considering the purchase of a domain name now that the readership is increasing.  I would like to have a concise name so people can remember it and refer to it more easily.  So be in prayer.  Any suggestions you might offer would certainly be welcomed.  Since I am the namesake of the former Friends star, I am considering using that name for some leverage in exposing others to Christ who may be looking for info about the Matthew Perry :).

All of you who could help in this situation — what would you recommend?

  1. Matt … Matthew Perry sounds good to me. Go for it! Oh, yea, please don’t confuse me with those expert bloggers, just agreeing with your choice. Appreciate the blog and words you post.

  2. Matt,
    The domain name sounds great.

    If I could give you any suggestion though it would be to give all of your readers free easy cheese. mmmmmmmm . . .

  3. I think the purchase of a domain name gives a site a kind of permanance it often does not appear to have otherwise. So I’d think that is a good move. Beyond that, I’d suggest focusing on writing great content since that is the thing that is most likely to increase a blog’s exposure!

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