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Prayer for my father

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2006 at 9:28 pm

I have not blogged in a few days because of a bad accident my father was in this past Monday.  Here are bits and pieces of a letter I sent out Wednesday.


My father was painting my brother’s house and the scaffolding fell on him, and he bore a great deal of the weight of that scaffold on his head.

Dad made it through the night all right, but he’s still got a long ways to go.  The extent of his injury as he fell is still being explored.  Turns out due to the 12 foot fall where he landed on some scaffolding and some landed on him, there were many perforations in his bowel, aneurysms in his aorta (which itself was mangled and almost split, needing a graft from a vein in his thigh to keep it mended) that cut off the blood flow to his kidneys, as well as a concern about the fluids they are giving him coming into his lungs.  Considering that they did not expect him to make it off the surgery table, the fact that he is “stable” and that they are “cautiously optimistic” is news I’ll take any day!

But he made it through the night and they will wait about another day to reconnect his small intestine to his large intestine, followed by weeks and weeks of rehab.  This will be difficult for most, but especially for dad who though being 72 (73 in January) is especially active.  He always has to have some project to undertake, some mission trip to go on, some golf game to play, or some grandchildren in Kentucky to go see.

The hardest part for me was when we went back to the trauma area, I was looking for him and almost walked past his bed.  I didn’t recognize my own father — he was swollen and scraped with bruises and tubes and tape and wires and machines all strapped to him.  I cried like a little baby for five solid minutes.

If Dad stays stable, I’ll be back on Friday and be there for the conference and for Homecoming — and plus now I have a little girl in school!  But I may be periodically going down to North Carolina in the weeks ahead to check on him and just to be there.  God is still faithful and, last I check, the Great Physician.

Props go out to Nancy Baesler’s class.  Betty Jo’s relative lives here in Charlotte, so Nancy’s class through them provided us with a ton of food and snacks for the kiddos and for mom.  Plus, Mom and Dad’s Sunday School class is providing meals for us as we’re here.

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