Matthew R. Perry

Update on Dad’s recuperation (from my sister)

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2006 at 1:30 pm

Many of you have asked for updates concerning my dad (click here if you are not aware of what happened).  This update is from my sister, Doris.

Dad is doing well.  He is definitely starting to move better.  He is weak but appears to get stronger day by day.  It is hard lying in bed for 3 1/2 weeks with no movement.  The muscles just get weak so fast.  He is still having a lot of secretions (mucous) out of his tracheostomy.  As soon as they slow down, they will downsize him from an 8 trach to a six and so on.  Then they will pull it.  That probably won’t happen for a while. But, as soon as he gets to a six, we can put a passy muir valve on it and he will be able to talk to us and eat/drink.

The doctors have an order in for him to get out of progressive and move to a regular room. It will be across from the nurses station since he has the trach.  Rehab may be in today to assess him.  I kind of hope it will be in another couple of days.  We want him as strong as possible so he will pass.  He has to be able to do 3 hours a day (not at one time but during the day) to go to rehab.  If he can’t, then he will go to a skilled facility to build up strength, then to rehab.  We have a long haul still.

Mom says thanks to all of you for your calls and thoughts/prayers.


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