Matthew R. Perry

Ignoring that Three-Letter Word (Heustis)

In Culture, Politics, Religious Liberties on October 25, 2006 at 2:23 pm

Reed Heustis has written a terrific article entitled “Ignoring That Three-Letter Word” in response to all the political scandals and prevalent corruption found in our political parties. He rightly notes where the true trouble lies.

Very much is said about political corruption these days. Virtually nothing is said about the corruption of Man and that dirty three-letter word, S-I-N.

Die-hard Democrats rant and rave about how corrupt the Republican Party is. True-blue Republicans rant and rave about how corrupt the Democratic Party is. Both point fingers at each other’s corruption. Both are convinced the other party is corrupt to its core.

With elections looming, Democrats are giddy over the possibility of “voting the rascals out” after Republican scandals and corruption have plagued the GOP, which is led by two-term President George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, Republicans warn of the many Democratic corruptions of yesteryear, and point to the specter of a return to more Clintonian shenanigans.

Disgusted independents and third party activists are not immune from this finger-pointing game. Independents rail against the whole “corrupt system,” while third party activists rail against the “corrupt two-party system.”

Everybody screams, Corruption! Nobody remembers the three-letter word.

(Click here to read the rest of this rather compelling article.)


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