Matthew R. Perry

I’m a Right Wing Conservative Evangelical Who Will Still Sleep Well Tonight Regardless of the ’06 Election Results

In Politics on November 8, 2006 at 2:22 pm

During ABC’s coverage of “Election 2006,” George F. Will made an excellent point that about every 14 years or so, there is a rather significant switch of power in Congress. Apparently 2006 serves like 1994 as a significant switch, this time the switch favored the Democrats.

Many of the pundits believe this is a referendum on the handling of the war in Iraq.  I disagree.   This is not a referendum on the scandals plaguing the Republican party in the wake of Mark Foley.  I disagree — the Democrats have had their share of scandals as well, so let’s not go there. The country spoke in voting the Democrats into a gain of 30 seats in the House of Representatives to gain control in that chamber, while possibly winning the Senate as well (though at the time of this writing, the results of Virginia and Montana are still pending). Even so, much can be said.  Here’s what I believe undid the Republicans.

First, this is not about the country’s love of the Democratic Party’s agenda as it is about frustration with George W. Bush and the Republicans’ leadership.

President Bush was just what this country needed after September 11, yet it is quite clear that his domestic agenda leaves much to be desired. Wayne Grudem, professor of theology at Phoenix Theological Seminary, wrote a piece for on a
Memo to Prayer for the November 7 Election
and outlined all the positive things the President has done to keep our country safe from terrorists (something I believe W needs to speak on more).

But his domestic agenda. His spending makes Bill Clinton look like a fiscal conservative. He has not vetoed one spending bill in his entire time in office, making the small government of Reagan a philosophy for the history books. Many Republicans feel betrayed — but I suspect that many are just tired.  They are tired of the reforms to social security, immigration, and taxes being stalled.  They are tired of the Democrats being more aggressive in their agenda than the Republicans are in theirs.  Which leads me to the next:
Secondly, this sent a message to the Republican party in general that they are willing to let Democrats obtain power to clear out the spineless leaders in the GOP in hopes of obtaining more aggressive candidates in the future.
The country did not get irreparably debased in the Clinton years, and the country did not grow more holy during the Bush presidency.  Culture will go where culture will go, regardless of Washington.  We’ve had a so-called Christian in the White House who has done admirably in keep the pro-life agenda from losing any ground.  He’s done admirably in preventing another 9/11.

Yet he has shown little courage in saying no to spending legislation.  He has been frustratingly silent in making the case to the American people about the war on terror.  In fact, Clinton it seems made two Rose Garden speeches per week — Bush seems to make them only twice per year!  Somewhere in-between would be just ducky!

Yet the ilk of the Republican party needs to do more to make their case.  Too often, the GOP plays too nice in fear of offending their colleagues on the opposite side of the hall.  What needs to happen is a same dogged determination to do what they feel is right for the American people and right morally and ethically.  Yet these issues kept getting stalled and stalled and stalled — and that translated into a frustration which is such a grand fall from the determination and ultimate jubilation over Republican victories in 2004.

I am a right-wing conservative pro-life evangelical.  I am not affiliated with the Republican Party, but am an independent.  These are simply some observations.  Yet, my main concern is not who has what seat in Congress, but who sits on the throne in heaven.  And regardless of what many may say, I cannot elect Him nor anyone else to be on that throne.  Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords and is the same yesterday, today and forever (Revelation 19:10; Hebrews 13:8).

And I will sleep well as a result.

  1. matt perry will be announcing next week that he will be running for president.

    This just in, the constitution party has already declared matt their official candidate, this decision was largely based on the fact that matt is one of the paries two members

    CONGRATS MATT!!!!!!!

  2. You are evil and you must be destroyed! No, really. Death! The CP is 1.3 million strong, baby!

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