Matthew R. Perry

Rutgers 28, Louisville 25: At Least They Were in the Conversation

In Sports on November 10, 2006 at 1:11 pm

Since I do not have ESPN at home, I found myself living and dying on every play while keeping up via the Internet on my dial-up connection. I knew Rutgers would be a tough match-up for Louisville, and give them credit they came to play, especially after being down 25-7. Yet my connection was stuck at around :13 when Rutgers was in position for a field goal. After hitting “refresh” a thousand times, it turns out that Rutgers missed the field goal, but a Louisville player was offsides, so they received a second opportunity and converted. By far, the biggest win in school history for the Rutgers University football team.

Am I sad? You’d better believe it. But then I started thinking: the University of Louisville football team for a week was in a conversation about being in the national championship. Yes, the naysayers felt the Big East was weak and Louisville shouldn’t be in there, but at least they were talking about it. Louisville remained a topic of conversation. And my guess is that they will continue to stay that way and be a Top Ten football power for years to come.

So considering that back in the mid 1990s, Louisville suffered an 0-10 season, I like where we are at: actually saddened that they lost their first game in mid November.

And, as said before, at least being allowed to sit at the big boys’ table.


  1. Hey, even the best lose every now and then. One game doesn’t make the season … well maybe. They’ll be flying back. I enjoyed seeing a couple teams in college football do good besides the norms. Safe to say from Missouri to Kentucky … “Go Cards!”

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