Matthew R. Perry

A Third Party Makes Some Noise in the ’06 Elections

In Politics on November 11, 2006 at 10:37 pm

constitution.pngYou know, I thought when I registered Independent I thought I would have those registered Republican and Democrat leave me to my own political leanings. Now, instead of the Democrats having an issue with me, the Republicans have one now as well.

But as I’ve written previously, I am affiliated with the Constitution Party, which is the third largest party around at this point (duking it out with the Libertarian Party and the Green Party for that spot).

I just wanted to share how greatly encouraged I amrickjore192×256.JPg at how well the Constitution Party did in the elections across the nations. By “well,” I mean that history was made in that Rick Jore is the first man of the Constitution Party to be elected to a state legislature — in this case, a state representative in Montana. Congratulations!

To read more about the election victories, click here. To read more about the Constitution Party’s platform, click here.

This is not intended to persuade any to join the CP — just my thoughts on my blog. Do with this what you will!


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