Matthew R. Perry

You’re an Expository Preacher? Ohh! — Addendum to Part II

In Preaching on January 15, 2007 at 4:26 pm

An old friend e-mailed me about the current series on expository preaching and he made a good point about dealing with the text that reinforced this particular part:  deal with the “problem texts” directly — don’t hover over them.  He’s right.

You see, “problem texts” are so because the problem lies within us, not the text.  Calvinists will breeze over 2 Peter 3:9 and maybe even John 3:16 because these texts do not on the surface conform to their theology (although, I believe, a case could be made — but I digress).  Arminians have a problem with Romans 9:14-18, so they breeze over this text by applying it only to Israel and not as part of God’s covenant plan throughout history.

Our Bible should affect our theology, not vice versa.  Our theology must arise out of the principles and doctrines outlined in Scripture.  Otherwise, why not just preach from Grudem’s Systematic Theology?  Only the Scriptures are inspired (breathed out) by God.

Just some thoughts.


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