Matthew R. Perry

Grunge Christianity? MacArthur Speaks on Driscoll-esque Preaching

In Church Life, For Preachers/Pastors, For Seminary Students, Leadership, Preaching on March 3, 2007 at 7:46 am

I confess, I am a Mark Driscoll fan — to a point.  I concur with John MacArthur about Driscoll:

“He is a very effective communicator—a bright, witty, clever, funny, insightful, crude, profane, deliberately shocking, in-your-face kind of guy. His soteriology is exactly right, but that only makes his infatuation with the vulgar aspects of contemporary society more disturbing.”

Driscoll pastors the Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  I have benefited greatly from Driscoll’s sermons on Jesus, the atonement — and really everything he has preached.  Yet, he preaches in Seattle in a basically left-wing “grunge” community where his speaking style really chimes with the people.  I wrote about him previously (here) and mentioned he is someone that I wish I could recommend to my people here at Boone’s Creek, but just can’t because of his maverick-style delivery.

MacArthur has an excellent word for all young aspiring preachers. Click here to read .


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