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Happy Birthday, J.S. Bach!

In Uncategorized on March 21, 2007 at 10:05 am

bach2003.jpgOn March 21, 322 years ago, the greatest compose the world has ever known was born. His name? Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Bach was born during an era which music historian label the Baroque Era in which such notable composers as Antonio Vivaldi (“The Four Seasons”), and George Frideric Handel (“The Messiah”). If you look in music history books to see how long the Baroque era lasted, to a book they say it ended in 1750. Why? Because Bach exhausted every single possibility in which this music could go. And he paved the foundation for the way music is crafted now. As you examine his manuscripts (of which he wrote 20 pieces of music per day), you will see a mathematical precision to it.

Bach’s legacy extends to his spiritual life as well. As a devout Lutheran, many of his works were for worship in the church: Mass in B Minor, St. Matthew’s Passion, Christmas Oratorio not to mention his 300+ chorales for choir.

Here are some articles about Bach that may be of interest to you:

Wikipedia article on Johan Sebastian Bach

The J.S. Bach Home Page

Dave’s J.S. Bach Page

Johann Sebastian Bach: Classical music pages article from The Grove Concise Dictionary of Music. Also links to related composers and topics, including cantatas, orchestral music, etc.

  1. At least they are honest!

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