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Said @ Southern Blog

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I’d like to acquaint you with a blog called “Said at Southern.” It is described as:

An index of blogs and podcasts from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Join the recent conversation and all that is being said at Southern.

When you have time, take a look around.

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Preached This Morning at Pitts Baptist Church, Concord, NC

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Thank you to Pastor Scott Davis for allowing me to preach the two morning services this morning at Pitts Baptist Church. Pitts Baptist is where my mom and dad are members. Scott and I managed to keep this as a surprise to my father, who found out only when he opened up his bulletin before the service.

I preached on Psalm 51 as I did the previous Sunday at Boone’s Creek. Click on to the PBC sermons page in the next few days. It should be posted soon.

Thanks to all of you who lifted us up in prayer. God moved and worked. One especially encouraging remark after the service lifted my spirits. One woman who had just received Christ was facing some especially difficult questions from her brother who continually questioned the validity of her new-found faith. I say this to the glory of God (for there is no way I could have known this), but the sermon address each objection that he raised about Christianity. It helped strengthen her faith. Glory to God!!!

Keep us in prayer while we are here in North Carolina.

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