Matthew R. Perry

Did Good Friday Reveal Skewed Priorities? Yes, According to Merlene Davis

In Church Life, Culture on April 11, 2007 at 11:02 am

I went to visit one of our elderly members yesterday morning. On her desk, she clipped out an article from Merlene Davis, a columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader . Frankly, the article shocked me. I was not expecting to see such a God-glorifying article in what many call the Lexington Herald-Liberal . Thanks, Merlene.

What with the freezing temperatures and the hiring of a new University of Kentucky basketball coach, how on Earth can a Christian focus on the Easter weekend?

What Christian has the strength to brave wintry weather to attend sunrise services where the means of our salvation is preached when we could
stay home and talk about how Coach Billy Gillispie will save the team?

I am pleased the search for a new coach ended two days ago, but many of us allowed that news to overshadow our observance of Good Friday, one of Christianity’s high holy days.

That wasn’t Gillispie’s fault or UK’s fault. It is our job as believers to focus on worshiping our Lord and blocking out distractions, including weather and sports.

(To read the rest of this wonderful article, click here.)

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