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Starting a Sermon Series on Nehemiah

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2007 at 8:03 am

Starting this coming Sunday, I will begin a sermon series on the book of Nehemiah.  Admittedly, I begin this series because our church is considering moving into a building program to add on extra classrooms, a gym, and other necessities.  Yet, we must be more concerned about our spiritual edifice in that we build a great church through the Spirit’s leading — this is of more consequence than adding another addition to our current facilities.

With this, I would like to share some helpful works which I have used in preparation for this study:

Arturo Azurdia, III, has posted some very good sermons on Nehemiah at his Spirit Empowered Preaching website. 

Mark Driscoll is also in the midst of a series through Nehemiah.

I am thankful to these saints past and present.  God has allowed them to teach me so that I in turn may teach others about God’s beautiful Word.

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  1. Matt: Just preached through Nehemiah in the Fall for our DMIN class. Here are some more sources for you that I used…not as technical as your works posted, but good nonetheless:

    1) Nehemiah: Memoirs of an Ordinary Man by Stephen Davey…Davey is a well respected pastor here near me, Good practical book.

    2) Dr. Danny Akin,, He has a good outline on Nehemiah.

    3) Ray Stedman,

    4) Precepts Austin is a great site with many links to commentary text on Nehemiah,

    Have fun!!

  2. Warn greetings. I am a Baptist Pastor in Cameroon. We are currently trying to study the Book Nehemiah in our Church. In course of researching on this book, I was brought to your website and I am very happy that someone like you is also exposing that book. I am carried away by the many resources that you have used in the study of this book. I would greatly appreciate it if I had an oprtnity to benefit from your study.

    From your name it seems to me that you were At the SBTS in Louvile around 2003. I remember that name from the correspondences I made with that school then when I was seeking admission.

    Thank you

  3. I am starting Nehemiah this week due to the destruction of our community over the years. Thanks for listing some resources. Most I had but it shows that I am on the right track. Would love to see what you have done with the book. Good luck and may God give you grace to remain faithful with His Word.

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