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A Blog Full of Great Listening Resources: Faith By Hearing

In Preaching on April 25, 2007 at 9:31 am

My friend Mark Combs, pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Salem, KY, often makes me aware of great blogs and other sites on the internet. He didn’t let me down on this one.

The blog is called “Faith By Hearing” operated by Todd Shaffer of Montreal. Here’s the description from the blog:

Faith by Hearing is designed to collect and categorize the ever-growing availabilty of great Reformed and conservative evangelical audio sermons, lectures and training. This is not a machine gun listing of sermons and lectures. It is a personal project to encourage others to be blessed by the preaching and teaching of godly men who are faithful to the all-powerful Word of God.

He claims that “next to the Bible, my iPod is my most treasured possession.” You can read more about Todd’s church plant in Montreal at .

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