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John Stott Announces Retirement

In Biography on April 27, 2007 at 8:40 am

John Stott (photo by Corey Widmer)John Stott, one of the 20th century’s leading evangelical theologians announced his retirement (click here to read the article). (HT: Derick Dickens)

Stott’s commentary on Romans, his work on The Cross of Christ as well as his marvelous work on preaching (Between Two Worlds) have made me rather indebted to helping me think through the atonement as well as expositional preaching. I grew disturbed over the years hearing of him embracing the doctrine of annihilationism (there is no eternal hell), theistic evolution, and inclusivism (click here to read more).

What about you? What has John Stott’s ministry meant to you?

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  1. Stott has definitely been influential but the more I study about him the more I am disappointed in his ecumenism. Evangelicals within the Anglican Church (like Stott and Packer) not taking a strong doctrinal stand, I believe, has hurt evangelicalism at large. You cannot embrace the Church of England and effectively hold true to evangelical doctrines.

    Having said that, he has had a great evangelical mind and has written great books. I hope he enjoys his retirement and joins an evangelical church.

  2. Every new believer should receive a copy of Stott’s book, Basic Christianity. And where would we be had not Stott called Evangelicals back to substitutionary atonement twenty years ago in his book The Cross of Christ?

  3. I’m bothered to see people making claims abut Stott not taking “a strong doctrinal stand.” If you mean that he does not take the same doctrinal stand that you take, then say that, but his stand is not weak for that reason.

  4. That comment was directed at excogitatingengineer’s comment, not the blog entry.

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