Matthew R. Perry

I Was Ordained into the Gospel Ministry Nine Years Ago — But as a Music Minister?

In Church Life, Worship on May 5, 2007 at 10:35 pm

On May 3, 1998, by God’s sovereign grace I was ordained into the Gospel ministry at the First Baptist Church of Clewiston, Florida. I remember going through a fairly rigorous questioning about all of my doctrinal beliefs and spiritual practices. Though at the time, I was called into the music ministry, they wisely understood how ministering in this way is a form of preaching the Gospel. No, not in sermonic form, but we did preach nonetheless.

Notice a passage of Scripture in 1 Chronicles 25. David was organizing the various ministries of the Temple worship. Notice the first two verses:

David and the chiefs of the service also set apart for the service the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who prophesied with lyres, with harps, and with cymbals. The list of those who did the work and of their duties was: [2] Of the sons of Asaph: Zaccur, Joseph, Nethaniah, and Asharelah, sons of Asaph, under the direction of Asaph, who prophesied under the direction of the king (1 Chron. 25:1-2, ESV).

I remembered being asked by an elderly woman when I first surrendered to the ministry, “Are you going to be a music minister or a ‘minister’ minister?” They saw being a music minister as second-rate behind being a preacher of the Word.

While I do believe that preaching is the highest calling one can receive, I believe it is wrong to say that being ‘just’ a music minister lags way behind. David called skilled musicians whose main purpose was not to rock someone’s face off, but to prophesy the Word of the Lord. Even in music ministry, the preaching of the Word is primary — and often neglected.

I may begin a series of music ministry posts — especially since I am a pastor now. I’d appreciate your prayers.


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