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For Political Junkies, YouTube is Where It’s At

In Politics on May 21, 2007 at 9:59 pm

pic_youtubelogo_123×63.gifConventional wisdom says that preachers who blog about politics are committing vocational suicide. Well, I don’t think this is a dangerous post, so here goes.

I confess that I enjoy politics. Our United States Constitution fascinates me. After the 2004 election, I grew disillusioned — so much so, that I went and registered as an Independent. Not only for the reason I just mentioned, but also for the fact that I am a pastor. Occasionally I preach, and folks from one party or the other accuse me of sounding like someone from their rival party — so I avoid any conflict of interest and say, “I’m not registered either party — I’m just preaching the truth of God’s Word.”

I have very basic cable, so I don’t get C-Span or CNN or FoxNews — so what’s a political junkie to do besides listen to John McLaughlin yell at me and everyone in the McLaughlin Group on PBS?

YouTube, baby!

I have had the chance to watch the debates — most recently the Republican debates in South Carolina back on May 15. You know, the one where Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-Tx) and Rudy Guiliani got into it about the causes of 9/11 (then when Ron Paul and Sean Hannidy of Hannidy and Colmes got into it about the same issue).

As I preached on this past Sunday as we looked at Acts 17:16-34, we have to know our culture and know the message of the resurrection so we can bridge the gap with our understanding of both sides of the bridge. Watching the political wranglings in a way help me to do that. But the Internet has brought such drastic changes — even since the 2000 election. Lesser known candidates such as Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter are able to be heard just as clearly as Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. In fact, Ron Paul now has more subscribers to his YouTube channel than anyone — even Barack Obama.

Who do you like in this election? I will not state my position, but I’ll be happy to let you know off-site and why. Let’s keep it civil — and tell us what you like about the candidate, not what you dislike about another. And no Bush-bashing — he is our President and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. God commands us to honor him and pray for him. Any derrogatory comments about any candidate or our President will be quickly removed.

  1. I haven’t liked anyone…but I did notice Ron Paul and could concur with some of his positions. Personally, I prefer monarchy to democracy. Many Puritans have been portrayed as being for Democracy, but this is a fallacy. As Cotton Mather put it, “if everyone is a governor, who then shall govern”?

    Perhaps this is why I tend to be for a plurality of elders in the church.

    So: No matter your position, know that mine is much more dangerous. No one likes Monarchy. Yet, I feel the myth of personal rights obscures grace.

  2. Come hang out with us. A very diverse crowd unified for liberty.

    Oh, allow me to share with you….

    Eye Witness Account from someone at the Ron Paul Fundraiser

    Reposted from Jenn’s blog:

    This woman did not want to be named. Said later that she probably underestimated the number of people there. Got this via e-mail…

    Friends: Just got back from Austin’s Ron Paul Fundraiser tonight. There were about 500 folks (at $100 per person = $50,000) which is several hundred more than they initially expected – most signed up at the last minute so the last fews days of event prep were frazzled. Apparently, the debates triggered a huge interest in Ron Paul. The crowd was unlike anything anyone could ever imagine: a guy with a mohawk spiked about 6 inches, young Latinos and Blacks in their droopy drawers with backwards baseball caps, cowboys in dusty jeans wearing boots, folks in shorts and flip flops, all mingling with the guys in suits and elegantly bejeweled ladies in gowns – all rocking and rolling to the live music of Jimmy Vaughn who is a huge Ron Paul fan. I chatted with a guy who said he only listens to liberal talk radio and he heard them talking very favorably about Ron Paul on liberal talk radio the day after the debate. Apparently, liberals are discovering Ron Paul and are taking him far more seriously than the so-called conservative radio talk show hosts who at best are marginalizing him (the Sean Hannity treatment).

    The line for the photo opts with Ron Paul was so long that it had to be cut off and there were a lot of disappointed Ron Paul fans (but they were understanding). Ron Paul is so easy to be around and chat with. I told him that liberals are discovering him and he needs to get on Air America. But I also had plenty of time to mingle – there were lots of young people there and many had only recently discovered Ron Paul. There were also lotsa constitutionalists, religious conservatives and Libertarians (my friends and activists) so fed up with the GOP that they said they wouldn’t even vote Republican unless Ron Paul was the GOP nominee.

    Ron Paul’s speech wasn’t a prepared speech. He just spoke like he was having a very relaxed conversation with the crowd, talked about the constitution, freedom etc. – pretty much a highly condensed version of his newsletters. Interestingly, Ron Paul stated that he supported life and the crowd roared. I was chatting with a Black guy with some sort of short dreadlocks for a hairdo and he was telling me that he discovered Jesus and was now thilled that he discovered Ron Paul.

    I think we’ve got a real candidate for real people. Too bad the media hates him and will do its absolute best to kill his chances while keeping him away from the American public!!

    Americans of all stripes are waking up to Ron Paul. This is really amazing stuff – Ron Paul can connect with people across an extremely wide cross section of the cultural and political spectrum. I believe this event was the most fascinating sociological experience I’ve every encountered.

    Oh, one more thing – Ron Paul has a huge banner of the Constitution and insists that it be the backdrop of his photo opts. Anybody who get their picture taken with Ron Paul always has the Constitution behind them, when possible. The Constitution is Ron Paul’s calling card.

  3. Did I mention that I get scared when the general populace starts supporting someone?

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