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Conservatism: Ghost of Liberalism Past (Reed Heustis)

In Culture, Politics on May 26, 2007 at 7:43 pm

rrhpic.jpgUniversity political science classes indoctrinate millions of students every year with the Liberal-versus-Conservative myth that gets perpetuated in establishment American politics at all levels of government. Supposedly, on the “Left” is the ideology of Liberalism, and on the “Right” is Conservatism. All political struggles, the Poli Sci professor instructs, take place upon this continuum.

Although there exist other theories of government, most people subscribe to the above concept. People on the “Right”
smear their liberal counterparts as “liberal lunatics” or “leftist radicals,” whereas those on the “Left” demonize their conservative opponents as “right-wing bigots” or “fascist extremists.”

In a way, both “wings” have a love-hate relationship with one another. Without conservatives to bash, liberals would
have to come up with some other form of ideology. The same goes for conservatives, but even more so. Where would Rush Limbaugh be but for the rants of contemporary liberals?

Ironically though, Conservatism is nothing but the Ghost of Liberalism Past. If anything, Liberalism is master, Conservatism servant. Wherever Liberalism travels, Conservatism follows.

(Click here to read the rest of this really good article.)

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  1. O.k, where do you place Libertarians and Constitutionalists? Oh, and don’t forget the Green Party. Do these people not count? Are they not worthy of recognition?

  2. […] Conservatism: Ghost of Liberalism past […]

  3. madmouser:

    I’m not sure to what you are referring… Heustis belongs to the American Heritage Party (not Republican or Democrat) — and that was Heustis’ point. Just because they say Republican or Democrat does not mean they are conservative or liberal necessary.

    I do hope you took time to read the whole article… it’ll answer your queries.

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