Matthew R. Perry

My Favorite Biographies

In Biography on June 2, 2007 at 7:09 pm

I love biographies.  These works show me how men of God lived — not just what they taught.  Here are five of my favorites:

I’m always looking for a good biography… can you recommend anything?

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  1. Dallimore’s 2 volumes on Whitefield are outstanding.

    I’m also hoping to tackle the 2 volumes on Lloyd-Jones in the next year or so. I think Iain Murray authored those.

  2. Matt: You might have been turned on already to Brainerd since you listed Edward’s biography first, but if not, I suggest reading on Brainerd’s life too. Edwards has “The Life of Brainerd” and David Wynbeek has one published by Eerdmans. You can get the details from the endnotes on an article on my blog,

  3. All of those you mentioned were great…No Compromise is actually one of only 2 book i have ever read more than once.
    Have you read “The Evangelist” by Lewis Drummond? It is a theological biography of Billy Graham, a little bit of his history and how he lived out his beliefs.
    I also have a very small biography of DL Moody i picked up at a used book sale at SBTS during my first year…it’s a keeper!

  4. Samuel Eliot Morison’s “Builders of the Bay Colony”.

    It includes several mini-biographies of key architects of the Massachusetts’s Bay Colony experiment.

    They were puritans. They loved life. They made the Word of God a passionate centerpiece of their life.

    John Winthrop’s and Thomas Shepard’s bios stand out in this collection.

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