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You Won’t Believe What I Did This Morning — I Ran!!

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2007 at 12:11 pm

My friend Mark Combs is a runner. He runs about six to seven miles per day, and is considering trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon (which he will, by the way).

I, as his friend, am not a runner. The thoughts of it do not enchant me in the least. Yet, this morning, I ran. Why?

1. Mark issued to me a challenge. Here in Lexington, KY, Central Baptist Hospital sponsors each August a 5K race called A Midsummer Night’s Run. I had no idea. Why? I’m not a runner and events like this just fly under my radar. But Mark issued me a challenge. “Matt, if you start working on it now and get in shape to run in that race by next August, I’ll come up and run it with you.” Normally, I dismiss those challenges because “I’m not a runner.”

But then it hit me — “You know, I can do this! This is a do-able goal!” As a preacher, I keep speaking about discipline, self-control, perseverance. Yet, there are areas in which I do not have this. This is a challenge that is do-able. And I need to let the Gospel infiltrate my exercise habits.

So this morning, I ran. I ran a 1/4 of a mile, then walked a bit, ran another 1/4 of a mile, walked a little bit, then ran the rest of the way home — totalling 3/4 of a mile. For someone who hasn’t ran since high school (Lecanto High, 1989), I thought I’d better take it slow. But it’s a start.

2. I need the exercise. A few months ago, I wrote on how I dropped from 206 to 186. I have a small frame, so I needed to lose it. I’m now back up to around 192. With that, plus the heart history my family has, I need to begin exercising and getting this intertube off my middle and heighten my metabolism.

3. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. This is the body God gave me for him to use. I need to begin taking care of it.

Any of you out there taking up running? Any tips?

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  1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I’m working toward running a 5k this fall, and I’ve found that it’s kind of like when you’re helping someone who has fallen out of the habit of Bible reading (or who has never begun). You probably aren’t going to drop on them a plan that requires them to get up three hours earlier tomorrow so they can read through the Bible five times this year. That might work for a day or two, but they’re probably going to miss a day, get overwhelmed, and quit. You start with something small and manageable, and then the discipline grows.

    I think it’s the same with running. I want it to be challenging, but at the same time within the boundaries of what I can reasonably do and enjoy so I don’t quit. If that means you can only run halfway down the street before you have to walk for ten minutes, so be it. In time, the discipline will grow, and your distance and time will improve. At least that has been my experience. Best wishes.

  2. Take it slow. By this I mean do not attempt to do too much too quickly. I have recently began a new exercise routine and I am trying to run every morning before work. The first morning I became fatigued after a short distance and, in a moment of sincere pride, refused to accept that I had allowed myself to get so out of shape and convinced myself to keep going. Big mistake. The result was a most horrific shin split that was so painful it was hard to walk. However, after taking time off to allow proper healing and recuperation, I began running again but within the limits of my current pathetic state. Within two weeks I have progressed to running three miles without being too winded and with minimal fatigue.

    Best of luck with this endeavor. I WILL be praying for you.

  3. Matt,
    You & I at the starting line next year of the Mid-summer nights run. You hitting mile 3 with just .2 miles to go (insert the theme from chariots of fire here) & tears hit your eyes as you look back on your first year of running.

    I am super excited that you are doing this!!!! I’ll go public right here on your world-famous blog & say that I am going to pay your race entry fee just to ad further motivation here!

  4. […] Matt Perry started running this week.  He & I will be doing the Midsummer Nights Run in Lexington next year.  […]

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