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Liveblogging at Salem, KY, Part IV (10/17/07 – 8:50 AM)

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It is hard to believe that tomorrow, I will be heading back to Lexington. While I have truly enjoyed my stay here, I must say I miss my family and my people back at Boone’s Creek.

The worship services have been going well, I believe. The music has been wonderful and very worshipful. On Monday night, I preached on “If Jesus Is So Wonderful, Why Are So Many of His Followers Such Jerks?” and last night I preached on “Is Worship a Grand Waste of Time?” from Mark 14:1-11. Tonight, I’m preaching on “Why Do Christians Follow Such an Old Book?” and will deal with the authority and the purpose of Scripture in the lives of believers.

Yesterday, however, Mark took me to Land Between the Lakes to Patti’s 1880 Settlement. There, I had the best hamburger I’ve ever had. Not only that, the restaurant had great personality. So if my wife and I ever decided to vacation in Western Kentucky, Patti’s will definitely be on the menu. Just a really scenic part of the country.

Keep praying for us tonight.

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