Matthew R. Perry

Singleness and the Glory of God — What an Amazing Time!

In Singleness on November 5, 2007 at 11:39 am

qa-sngg.jpgPraise God — what a great conference we had here at Boone’s Creek on Singleness and the Glory of God. We had around 35 in attendance. Josh Martin provided the worship music and really helped set the table for our time together.

I had the opportunity to go first and talk on “Singleness and the American Idols” based on Isaiah 44:9-20. The culture has helped singles erect two specific idols as they navigate through the waters of singleness: freedom and security. I prayed that this helped then identify what the culture is feeding them — and hoped it helped their hearts be prepared for the talks to come. To listen to this opening talk, click here.

Mark Combs spoke on “Singleness and the Sovereignty of God.” He noted, “It is entirely possible to be a Christian and yet God is totally irrelevant in your life.” Yet, we must not compartmentalize this time in our lives in thinking that God is not sovereign over us. He noted how we often hear folks say, “You don’t want to miss the ‘one’ for you.” He rightly stated that if God has someone for you, he’ll bring them to you. Thomas Watson, the Puritan preacher, said, “Providence is God’s ordering all issues and events of things, after the counsel of his will, to his own glory.” And singleness is a tool that God will use to make you more like him. To listen to Mark’s talk, click here

Kevin Whitt spoke on the topic of “Don’t Waste Your Singleness.” He asked, how do we know and live our our life’s purpose and not waste our single life? He articulated how we need to embrace an accurate Biblical view of singleness and marriage, which is intended to bring glory to God when we pursue Him with all we have. He notes that singleness also gives us great opportunities to work for the Kingdom. To listen to this, click here.

Josh Martin spoke on “Singleness and the Gospel.” He articulates in a powerful way the nature of the Gospel and how it specifically can apply to the single life. You’ll be blessed. Click here to listen.

There are also two Q&A times that are rather entertaining listening: Q&A Part I, Q&A Part II.

I’ll be releasing these on upcoming podcasts. Thanks to Andrew Dodson for recording these.

  1. Matt,

    Really enjoyed this weekend – thanks for having us! I was more than happy to record everything so that more people can benefit from what was said. Take care….


  2. Hey Matt,

    Really enjoying the first two sermons. Looking forward to finishing the series. Thanks for showing me this.

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