Matthew R. Perry

Five Myths of Divorce (Ken Sande)

In Family, Marriage on January 30, 2008 at 9:19 am

Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries, has written an excellent article on the “Five Myths of Divorce.” You need to check this out! Please!

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  1. Great article. The myths he listed are ones I hear floating around alot. The same people will then be very bold in speaking against other sins, like homosexuality. Both are sins in God’s eyes. It’s sad the amount of proffesing Christians choose to ignore this sin. Thanks for the link!

    paul @

  2. While this article is excellent. . . I have to say that as someone who is divorced and is a Christian this. I was not a Christian at the time I left my husband (who was an alcoholic), but during our separation I accepted Christ. After becoming a Christian I tried to reconcile (to no avail), but received divorce papers in the mail. It was at that time I took the papers to a lawyer in order to know what I was up against. In the end we divorced. My children and I now live a Christian life and I have never regretted signing the papers. My life is 100% different now than prior to Christ or the divorce. I praise God that he called me to himself and have asked forgiveness for the sin of divorce.

    My point is this. . . when someone hears a Christian say they are divorced seek to understand their circumstances prior to judging them.

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