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Did Don Piper’s “90 Minutes in Heaven” Reflect the Biblical Heaven?

In Book Review on March 2, 2008 at 3:53 pm

Recently, someone let me borrow a book called 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. The premise of the book is that Don Piper, a Baptist minister, was in a horrendous car accident and was dead for 90 minutes. During that time, according to Piper, he was in heaven. He spoke of its beauty, of seeing relatives and loved ones, and how the place almost overwhelmed the senses.

What interested me was his chapter on heavenly music. Praise was everywhere, he said, filling his heart with the deepest of joy. But what really caught my attention was his remark on p. 35:

Many of the old hymns and choruses I had sung at various times in my life were part of the music — along with hundreds of songs I had never heard before. Hymns of praise, modern-sounding choruses, and ancient chants filled my ears and brought not only a deep peace but the greatest feeling of joy I’ve ever experienced.

As I stood before the gate, I didn’t think of it, but later realized that I didn’t hear such songs as “The Old Rugged Cross” or “The Nail-Scarred Hand.” None of the hymns that filled the air were about Jesus’ sacrifice or death. I heard no sad songs and instinctively knew that there were no sad songs in heaven. Why would there by? All were praises about Christ’s reign as King of Kings and our joyful worship for all he has done for us and how wonderful he is.[1]

With all due respect to those of you who have read through this book and found it so joyous and hopeful, I found myself not wanting to read another word. Why? Well, if we need to see what heaven is like, the Bible is clearly sufficient for that, so we must look to see if Piper’s vision of heaven matches the Scriptures. And on at least two occasions it clearly does not. Rev. 5:9-10

And they sang a new song, saying,

“Worthy are you to take the scroll

and to open its seals,

for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God

from every tribe and language and people and nation,

[10] and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God,

and they shall reign on the earth.”

Let me ask you: do you believe those in heaven realize how they made it there? It is because of Jesus reconciling us as sinners to God who is holy through … what? The Cross! The elders and the whole company were singing about the cross even in heaven! Also in Revelation, the Spirit reveals a Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Why is Jesus called a Lamb? Because Lambs were sacrificed, but Jesus was the once and for all sacrifice and all who partake of this are recipients of Christ’s reconciling and atoning work on the cross!

Let us be very discerning about the things we read — even bestselling Christian books! My dad warned me, “Not everything that’s in print is worth reading.” I shall read through the rest of Piper’s book, I pray that the rest of it is more in tune with the biblical account and will reflect more of the Gospel.


[1]Don Piper, 90 Minutes in Heaven (Grand Rapids: Baker Publishing Group, 2004), 35.

  1. Here’s what gets me about these type of books. Mary Baxter had some other books along the same lines several years ago. Why can’t we simply trust what the Word of God has already said about heaven? Why do we need more “revelation” when in fact God has given us the complete revelation, without error, and full of authority by the Spirit? I think I would rather trust what the Spirit wrote about heaven (or hell) than these guys.

  2. A member of our church asked me to purchase this book for our church library. I read it, before processing and I have two observations. One is that perhaps the story needed to be written not to give the “revelation” of heaven, but rather to encourage those who have to live with the kind of pain that Don Piper experienced. It seemed to me his emphasis was on helping people who wore a ‘fixator’ or something like that.

    The other observation is that perhaps the Apostle Paul experienced something similar which he described in II Corinthians 12:2-4. According to my calculations, he had been stoned in Lystra about 14 years prior to the writing of II Corinthians.

    Now, for my comments. Paul stated that what he heard was “unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.” I am not sure why his experience would be different unless it is because Don Piper did not actually go through the gate. He may not have heard, the unspeakable words? Notice I am asking, not telling.

    As for the music, could it be that the reason he did not hear the “old songs” was because he was hearing “new songs”? Had he gone through the gate, he may have heard exactly what John heard as well?

    I am usually somewhat skeptical of NDE, but this book did seem to be different and I felt the Lord’s presence as I read it. I have heard a lot of people say that the book has blessed them or encouraged them. I never want to go outside of the Bible looking for God’s truth and yet I found the book to be a blessing and encouragement as others have indicated and I really did not see anything that the Bible has not already taught.

    I am very interested in what other Christians think about this.

    • Although I have not read the entire book, I have read excerpts of it. I found what I read to be extremely similar to other experiences I have read about and discussed with others who have had Near Death Experiences. It is almost identical to what I have experienced.

      The result of the experiences of others is a greater understanding of the love of God, abounding about and through each one of us. They chronicle the spiritual growth that each was thrust, in some cases, into and drives home the existence of God and Christ Jesus.

  3. I read both of Don’s books 90 mins in Heaven and Heaven is real and found nothing that contradicts the Bible. During the 90 mins he was “dead” he gave an account of heaven of what he saw and heard during THAT short time. Rev 21 refers to no tears or sadness in heaven… It’s a happiness that Don tried to describe in “human” terms. He had not been there long enough to go all the way through the pearlescent gate and he was not there long enough to experience things that the Bible describes like the rewards, etc (so of course, he didn’t talk about that but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen) Yes, as you mentioned, Jesus was the lamb that was sacrificed for OUR sins, he shed his blood on the cross for us, and WE deserved to be on the cross not him, he paid our debt by his sacrifice on the cross for us. And that’s a HAPPY thing that he loved us so much that he took our place on the cross… we just have to accept that. Don never contradicts this in either of his books . In fact, he emphasizes that since he had surrended his life to Jesus Christ at age 16, is the reason he went to heaven (already had his “reservation” for heaven if you’d like to use that term)
    I don’t see where he contradicts the Bible, Bro Matt. (this is the 1st time I have seen your column or heard of you, so I was wondering…do you have your own church, and if so, where is it, when did you accept that you were a sinner and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour? Thanks and God Bless you, Deb

  4. I feel that Piper´s book is a strange book. I don´t agree the way it presents the issue of praying for a dead.

    • I suppose you dont believe that Lazarus was raised from the dead either then? Or Jairus’ daughter? The Bible tells us if we have faith we can move mountains. If you don’t have faith in God’s power you’re not going to move many mountains. Jesus told us we would do even greater works than he did. But how can you without faith? If prayer brought people back from the dead in biblical times, why wouldn’t it bring people back nowadays? Just remember God is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  5. Deb:

    Thank you for your comments. My whole issue with Don Piper is that he connected singing things about the cross as a sad thing. But as you said, the sacrifice of Christ on the cross is a happy thing — something to sing about. So why would Piper insist that this is a sad thing? I believe you need to re-read the thrust of the post — Piper equated songs about the cross as sad songs. Why? As you well say, nothing sad about that and it should be sung about.

    • Don’t sail the Atlantic and come back with stories of what you had for breakfast. In other words.. I think you’re focus is on the wrong thing here. Instead of critising a fellow child of God, why not praise God for the many good works he has done in Don Piper’s life and THANK him for it? I can’t believe so many of you are focusing on the minor detail of Don’s experience which not be accurate. Don didnt want to share his experience for that very reason. But God wanted him to. Can you please honour that and stop missing the point? Don was in Heaven 90 minutes. That is all. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have experienced every single aspect of it. So just thank God for what he IS able to share and stop critising him for what he couldn’t.

  6. Let me first state; I have not read this book. I was curious about it though and have read excerpts at various sites [& other reviews]
    I was curious because of the following short story…In the summer of ’94, I too had a most horrible wreck. On my Harley… which was totaled. I lay in a ditch half the night before someone found me in a ditch, lying in a pool of blood, and called an ambulance. I was declared dead in the emergency room. I do not know for how long, never asked, but as they were pushing me out…They said I simply sat up. Freaked out the entire staff! I still laugh about that.
    Did I ‘see’ heaven? Did I ‘see’ a white light and hear someone calling from the ‘other side’?
    No to all three. I did see the doctors and nurses running around over my body. I watched it all quite casually from above them. I felt most peaceable as they scurried back and forth. I do not think I was in any kind of physical body. I also heard every word being spoken by my eldest daughter who was something like half a mile away at the ER front desk…through many hallways and steel doors I heard her every word. She was so mad because they wouldn’t tell her anything yet. They had good reason to be that way considering they only knew I was probably DOA. Which I was.
    I didn’t tell her at first. And then one day I had to. I sat there and told her every dang thing she said that night! Yes, she verified my story and we cried and held each other. I brought it up again years later and she asked me to please never talk about it again. The girl has a PHD in Education; not someone to easily lose control.
    It was just too…ugh, spooky, I guess is a proper term for it. And no, I am not a Christian. Wasn’t then and isn’t now!
    But I do have a belief system and it works just fine. I don’t want another, thank you. And I have another beautiful Harley. Don’t even have a car or many possessions anymore. Gave most away.
    And I used to make about $100,000 a yr. I did the year I wrecked the bike. So what?
    You simply can’t take it with you when you’re gone!

  7. I just recently heard Don Piper speak live. My entire family loved his book, I read it and tried to be optimistic but still wanted to hear it from the man himself…

    First off I am a born again Christian and my faith and love in Christ is the most important thing in my life, so I am serious any time I hear a new teaching, testimony, or revelation, and compare it with scripture to test and see if its false or not.

    I have to be honest… going to hear him speak I went in really wanting to be optimistic and open minded. And although I was happy that nothing in his testimony DIRECTLY contradicted scripture, something kept gnawing at me and did not feel right, and I have finally put my finger on it……

    If Don Piper DID in fact see the gate of heaven with his own eyes and his testimony is true, then praise God! it was a gift by the holy spirit, but at the same time it could be a gift that Satan is desperately trying to distort greatly through him so that people will not be saved by his testimony…


    #1 – because his message makes Heaven look like the goal the glory and the treasure, not Christ!!!…

    If our motivation and desire to go to heaven is simply because we want to see our relatives or live in paradise or large mansions… then WE ARE NOT SAVED!!!…

    Our 1st and foremost desire should be to see and experience Jesus!! God!!
    Yes heaven will be amazing, scripture confirms it. But what would heaven be without Christ???

    I feel like Satan is trying to wean people’s desires away from seeing God to simply living in paradise. And that is not a result of a saved soul…
    Although I am weary and skeptical, I am not completely doubting Don Piper, I am just doubting how he is sending his message and how it is being received. It truly scares me.
    If he didn’t truly see Christ then he really didn’t even experience heaven fully.

    Its like saying you experienced a restaurant without ever tasting the food!!!!…….

    Piper said in his book that he DID NOT truly see Christ in the flesh face to face. That might explain why his testimony is easily distorted to the wrong goal.

    I find this all disturbingly ironic. Because his testimony and theology looks exactly opposite to JOHN Pipers theology. If you don’t know who John Piper is, he is an awesome reformed Baptist Christ centered Biblical truth rooted pastor/author, and does not mix his own opinion into his teaching, he teaching truth from scripture and scripture alone.
    As I read DON Pipers description of heaven I thought immediately of a quote from JOHN Piper’s book God is the Gospel. He asks:
    The critical question for our generation—and for every generation—is this: If you could have heaven, with no sickness, and with all the friends you ever had on earth, and all the food you ever liked, and all the leisure activities you ever enjoyed, and all the natural beauties you ever say, all the physical pleasures you ever tasted, and no human conflict or any natural disasters, could you be satisfied with heaven, if Christ was not there?

    That could not be more true, and it hits this issue to the core…

    I hope people realize that Christ himself is the prize, the joy, the everlasting happiness that we will worship and glorify forever, not simply mansions and golden streets.

    I hope and pray that Don piper is not a false prophet and leading people astray. Because the more and more you compare his view of Heaven to Scriptures view things start looking very questionable…


    Strength and joy in Christ alone

    • I agree totally!!!! i have not read the book. wanted to buy, but it is hard to get in Indonesia. I rahter believe the non-christian (thomas) ‘s account.
      No one can die twice.
      By the way, was his great grand mother a christian? he only said she was a native american and saw her only once in his lifetime, but did not mention about her faith in Christ.
      I think satan used his near death experience to twist the Word of GOD. What is heaven without CHRIST ???? If we live for Christ om earth then I would expect to live with CHRISt in heaven…….
      Anyway, it is called the marriage supper of the Lamb. We are HIS bride (the church) and HE is the groom (the Lamb). Heaven is God’s home. So, HE must be there.
      Yes…..I almost got mixed up his name with John Piper.

    • You must ask yourself and God as to why he would allow satan to fool don at such an emotional life altering moment. Hundreds of thousands have had a similar experience.

  8. Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be WITH ME in paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

    • I think you are missing something important which he mentioned in his book – that if he met Jesus he wouldn’t have returned. Infact, I don’t believe anyone has ever met Jesus and returned to earth. And I don’t believe we could. Once we are with him in Heavenly Glory, thats it. Don made it to the gates of Heaven and i see far greater problems for his testimony if he were to have seen the face of Jesus. His account of Jesus would stir up all kinds of arguments. Just remember God is in control. Give him more credit than anyone you may accuse of being a ‘false prophet’ – which is not a term intended to be used lightly so be careful with what you’re saying.

      • The author of Revelation met Jesus, who was in the form of a bloodied lamb and also in the form of a great and awesome being of light with a sword coming out of his mouth and with feet of bronze. He stayed on Earth. Paul also experienced Jesus and lived to spread the gospel. The bible records only two people who went straight to heaven without dying: Enoch and Elijah. Both were great men according to the scriptures.

        However, I am extremely skeptical of NDEs such as this one. They always seem to go against the spirit of the gospel which was BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING. Remember, the Lord said blessed are those who believe who do not see. His words contradict the modern day people who constantly look for signs. Also, none of the NDE stories sound anything like the God or heaven in the Bible that I have read about. Besides, even the New Testament talks about the believers being asleep and when the Lord returns, we all will be resurrected and go to the judgment. Thus, it doesn’t seem like we all simply go straight to heaven at death.

        Jesus also said that freely have we received, freely so shall we give. I have a big problem with people turning God’s love and good news into a product they can sell. This book sold 4 million copies, and was a New York Times best seller, so it was very profitable. That does not sound like Jesus’ style to me. I do believe we are in the end times and that many “christians” are under a powerful delusion as scripture prophesied. I think we must therefore be on guard by knowing God’s word backwards and forwards. The Lord said my people perish because of lack of knowledge. I know so many believers who don’t know anything about the old testament and they sound ignorant because of it.

  9. I have not read the book but plan on it. Today is the first time I have even heard of it. The Bible is the only book we can count on. But, I believe God sends us messages to help keep our chin up. I recently went through an ugly divorce and custody battle of my three sons ages 12, 5 and 3. After a year of lawyers and court, he got the house, the furniture but most of all primary custody. I was a stay at home mom for years until he told me I had to get a job. He bullied me, sexually and verbaly abused me. His family was evil, it’s an experience I that I will never be able to put into words and am having a tough time getting past. He got the boys because he was living in the home. Who cares about the emotional bond or how I was the one who took care of the boys. God knew the whole situation and I was very confident that I would get primary custody because God knew what he was like. He has emtional problems and my oldest son is even nervous dealing with him. Needless to say I am struggling with this. The day I was hit with the news it was a living nightmare. Off and on I would get this sick feeling that God turned his back on me. I know he didnt but these are feelings I was experiencing without any control over it. If you have never dealt with a serious issue of loss with your children then please don’t judge me. I know God is there and I know Jesus died on the cross for my sins and I believe this and love them so very much. I know in time it will be revealed but I have been reaching out for any glimpse of what heaven will be like. The other day, from descriptions from the Bible and other stories I imagined it in a way that was almost like a vision. It was a blessing. The feeling in my heart of being on my way through the gate to meet up with my precious Jesus once and for all! To be with Him and to no longer mourn or greive but to be free and happy with Jesus! If there is a chance that God is giving us visions through people and it matches up with scripture then let it be. God is MIGHTY! Let Him deal with the people who may or may not be witnessing correctly and have Faith in that. A glimpse of Heaven may be just what someone greiving needs to get back on track.

  10. John 3:13 “No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven.”

    what more need be said?

    • Can I ask please which translation you have used? Because you seem to have added ‘and returned’ in there. I have checked through all the translations I can find and not one of them mentions ‘and returned’.

      • please read from King James Bible(original) version. it is plain what it means. that no one ever come down from heaven only the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • I am not an expert but what about Moses and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration. What about the resurrection of all the dead after the crucifixion. What about the Elisha raising the up the child from the dead. John of Revelation saw him. Before Jesus came, they went to paradise, right ? Right to Abraham’s bosom adjacent to Hades. I think this is correct.
      But one thing. I will ALWAYS cherish the Old Rugged Cross. Even though according to him, those songs may not be needed. I find that quite strange.

  11. ok lets think about this for a minute. Iv’e heard this mans story and I can agree that the statement he made about not hearing the old hymns like the old rugged cross being sad and all that caught me off guard because i was raised going to church hearing those songs and i dont think of them as sad. I think of them as comforting and I look forward to singing new praises to Jesus in heaven along with the great old hymns. I have been a christian for a long time and when I say christian I mean it in every sence of the word the way the Bible describes it. Living through his word and having a personal relationship with him. I don’t remember Don insisting that the old hymns were not going to be heard in heaven. I took it as his personal opinion of why he himself did not hear the old songs and may be to him it is sad because he thinks of his sin Christ took on the cross for him and I can understand that. May be the Lord was speaking to him personally in his experience. The man died and for some reason God decided to keep him here and allow all the pain and suffering so he could tell his story. The man saw the light along with his loved ones, he did’nt see the Lord because he did not die and if he would have I don’t think Jesus would look down on him for thinking the reasons he did not hear the hymns about him dieing on the cross was sad because he had to take on Dons sins just like the whole world and I think Jesus would recognize that Don is sorry and sad that he is a sinner which we all must reconize in order to be saved and receive the gift of eternal life in heaven. From what I remember Don saying, he was on his way to walk through the gate being escorted by his loved ones and looking forward to seeing Jesus so I dont think he was trying to be in Heaven without Jesus and as I recall he was pretty depressed about the fact that God did not let him stay there and he talked to him about it all the time while his body was being put back together again. If Don would have died I am sure Jesus would have answered his question about the old hymns by pointing him in the direction of all those great hymn writers who have died and gone on before him but for Don he is alive just like Jesus is alive and for Don maybe he was remembering our Lords last words on the cross ” IT IS FINISHED” In the book of Revelations doesn’t it say there will be a new heaven and a new earth and Behold old things will be past away ? May be Don Piper had a new song in his heart when he saw heaven and the fact that Don was allready a pastor on his way to serve the lord by going to a church meeting when that horrible accident happened that almost took his life because some inmate decided to break the law again by driving that truck that hit him, I have to say the odds are that Jesus had a plan to keep Don around so he could be a witness for him so others could come to know Jesus as their savior and if his opinion over why he thought he was not hearing the old hymns is different and not what we think it should be, as long as he is following God and giving his opinion as he felt it and not trying to change what God says about it, shouldn’t we forgive Don and show some compassion just like Jesus tells us to do in the Bible you all are talking about ???

  12. Melissa:

    You seem to be focusing on the “old hymns” portion rather than the content. He said he heard no songs about Christ’s death or the cross, yet in Revelation 5 the angels were singing, “Worthy are you who was slain.” This talks about his death. Without this, there would be no heaven. In fact, the angels were very intrigued about how Christ went about this (1 Peter 1:10-12).

    When someone puts something in print along this line, there is compassion for what he went through, but the Bible tells us to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15) and to “contend earnestly for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We are to love Christ’s truth above all, and to expose when that truth is not being told.

  13. Listening to Don Piper while attending to one of his “crusades” here in our city of Bolivar, Missouri, I realize that his whole speech was about emphasizing details of his terrible accident. He did that again and again but not too much talking about the Bible and the Word of God. He said that he was in heaven for 90 minted but he did not see Jesus……….., soooooo……..we know that the scriptures say that when we die and we go to heaven we will see Jesus that went there to prepare a place for us
    Piper’s speech was almost totally a “pitch” to sell his book and nothing else.

    • It saddens me that a blessing and gift from God can be turned around by us imperfect humans to be displayed as something evil. Can I ask you please – What do you think would happen if you were to meet Jesus face to face in Heaven and on your return to earth describe him to the world? Think about it. Infact, do you honestly think it possible that having met Jesus face to face you COULD return to earth? Don didnt think it possible either. Might have something to do with how he never saw Jesus face to face as he only made it to outside the gates.

      • These negative, cruel comments sadden me. I believe our God can work through anyone he chooses. Don Piper was the one he chose to work with that day and I think he is doing a tremendous job.

  14. Why if you believe in God and all of his glory would you do nothing but be glad and thankful for this book. Let me tell you what this book did for me. It gave a new realization.

    I had heard as a believer that I should not be of this world and do as God would or wants me to do. However, after this book my eyes were open. I have never spoken the words “I can’t wait to be with my Lord!” Until after this book. I do not believe it had anything specifically to do with the music or the sights or my family. When I close my eyes and imagine eternity, I imagine being beside my lord. I am constantly reminding myself when I get agitated with life or become annoyed or want something of the feeling I felt directly after reading this book. I remind myself not to be of this world just in it.

    Melissa made a very good point perhaps God was speaking specifically to him by not having him hear and experience any songs about Jesus’ death. I

    For Juan, wow why do you sound so bitter? You’re speaking of the Lord and someone who is praising him. Don spoke of rationalizing why he didn’t get to se Jesus. He thought that it was hard enough for him to be back in his earthy body after experiencing the joys of Heaven perhaps it would have been just too much to bare being in the presence of Jesus and having to leave. I think that I would feel that way too.

    For Dave, I do not believe that Don is a false prophet in any way. Simply I felt Gods presence when I read this; He spoke to me and opened my eyes. The enemy could never do this not in this way. Perhaps your doubts are the enemy speaking to, not in the book it’s self.

    As for the criticism that this book may contradict the Bible and that the Bible is clearly sufficient in regards to filling our need for the Lord.

    Do you really think that a God that truly loves us would say…. Okay guys here is the Bible! ummm and if you have any questions or concerns just go ahead and refer to that …..see you at Armageddon!
    Probably not so much! I know that if I knew my daughter would not see me for years and years I wouldn’t just give her a book and say see you later. I would send messages to her and call her and give her examples of my love.

    This is a trying time for Christians! Let’s get it together and send more support to each other have a little faith in each other instead of giving the opposition fuel by doubting each others’ faith and criticizing beliefs.

  15. I am a born again christian with a passion for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. I haven’t read the book………yet.
    But I may rock the boat here. I believe that we will sleep in Christ until his second coming, that we are in fact waiting for a new resurrected body, that no one goes to any heaven or hell straight after death. How can we go anywhere when there has been no judgement.
    And remember Dave that in the original written word there were no commas or full stops. I believe Luke 23:43 say….I say to you today you will be with me in Paradise. Jesus was going to be dead for 3 days. To my understanding He wasn’t going to Paradise.
    God Bless

    • It says “TODAY you will be with me in Paradise”. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are among those that say that the comma should be after “today”. Think about it. It would then say “I tell you the truth today, you will be with me in Paradise”. It is nonsensical in ANY situation to say “I tell you the truth TODAY”. As if the thief may haven otherwise thought it was last Tuesday Jesus was speaking, or a week from Wednesday? NO! TODAY is what he said, and TODAY is what he meant.

  16. I’m a born again Christian and read the book. Charlotte remember in Luke 23:43 when Jesus told the thief he would be in Paradise with him today. The important part of that is that the thief died before Jesus and not after jesus. Therefore the Spirit that Jesus indwelled the saints with was only after his descention back to heaven. The thief on the cross would not be a part of the saints who would be waiting for Christs 2nd coming. So he very well may be in Paradise but the saints after will have a bit of a different wait as there soul will be with Jesus and the body will come and all will the saints gathered together after the second coming. My other concern with Don P. book is also the notion he was able to experience heaven when the bible clearly states no one will. Unless he is an apostle or has revelation like Paul I seriously doubt that is where his revelation is coming from. The other obvious concern is that it is planting this idea in weak Christians that don’t relize when the anti-christ reveals himself this is the same trick he perpetraits that he dies experiences heaven raises himself and deceives even many of the elect that he is the Christ. Be very weary of this Don Piper and His book. Do you not believe even false teachers are able to encourage you or make you feel good or excited about what you read…test everything against scripture.
    Brothers and Sisters open your eyes to the Truth its already revealed to us!

    • Tim, Jesus died before the thief, otherwise, his legs would have been broken like the two thieves’ legs were to accelerate death (see John 19:30-33). They both went to Paradise that day as departed spirits just like Lazarus the beggar did in Luke 16.

      As to your other comments, I don’t trust these NDEs either since they always introduce details foreign or added to Scripture.


  17. I just finished reading 90 Minutes in Heaven. For some reason it left me feeling more anxious than good. I’m not sure why but it could be beacause of how much he writes about all of the suffering he went through. Several people have posted that only two Deciples got a glimps of heaven while they were alive, but is there scripture that says NO PERSON will ever die, see heaven and come back to tell about it? I have a problem with people who claim Don may be a false profit. If Don is a false profit or being used by Satin to confuse people, why would he clearly state that the only way to get to heaven is by accepting Christ?

  18. I also wonder why Don would be miraculously brought back to life if he was a false prophet.

  19. I have read the book. I’m puzzled by those who suggest Piper is a false prophet. Nowhere does he say that what he experienced was the GOSPEL or should be added to the Bible.

    He shares his experience just as others who have been touched by the Lord have shared theirs — people who have been cured of diseases or delivered from addictions or experienced a revelation from the Holy Spirit about a personal matter. God is living and active in our lives today. If we do not testify to His love as it is manifest to us, then our faith is a mere intellectual exercise.

    I find the fact that Piper was brought back to life the most convincing part of his whole story. One cannot manufacture a car crash, a death (verified three times within 1.5 hours) and a grueling , painful recovery. His testimony about heaven is something that I take a face value, as something that he says he experienced. It is encouraging and not at all distracting to me. It does not tempt me to “live a good Christian life” so that I can “get the reward” of heaven. Instead, it shows us the Lord’s magnificence and His love for his children.

    I don’t suddenly believe in heaven because of Don Piper. I believe heaven exists because God has told us so in His word. But it is wonderful that someone who inexplicably went to heaven can come back to earth to say that he is looking forward to going back — in fact yearning for his true home.

  20. I read Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven about 6 months ago, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I have to admit that the part where he said he heard no singing about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross struck me as very odd.

    I was born again a few years ago, but didn’t devote much time to actually studying the Bible until about a year ago or so.

    This past week, especially with the state we find our country and world in, I have been devouring everything I can about the rapture and the end times. I–as one other person mentioned above–believe the truth revealed in scripture is that we don’t go to heaven immediately when we die, but rather, the dead will be raised up first when Jesus comes for his Church at the pretribulation rapture.

    That said, I don’t doubt that Don Piper experienced something. Perhaps God gave him some sort of vision, even while he was dead–God is certainly powerful and creative enough to arrange it. Or perhaps he IS a false prophet and what he experienced is an elaborate ruse created by satan. None of us can say for sure just what it was that Don Piper experienced, because the only truth we can be SURE of is what we read in the Bible. And I’d rather focus on what the Bible has to say anyway.

  21. Good Day,Evening, to everyone thats is on this reveiw regarding Don pipers book 90mins,i did not know nothing about this man or his book untill my mothers nurse called yesterday evening 4/4/09,i called out to see a friend for 10mins,on my return my 83yr old mother had told her about my near death experances(died3 times)first i told her part of my story and she saw my photos of my recovery,and as i am writing my book,this seems quite real about his (DON)experance,i can only say the following,5mths in coma 9 mths on lifesupport,and yes i was in gods place in heaven?no golden gates,no songs i have ever heard,flowers colours we on earth do “NOT HAVE”I just closed my eyes and woke up not knowing what had happened to me!!this took a long time to find where i was,and where i had been ,i was totaly paralized,9 enternal operations,lost my hair,teeth,and every orgeon in my body cut to the bare essential,full septicima,paralized,you name it i have had it?no spleen liver,panacras,etc all damaged,so was this a MIRACLE!!!ofcourse it was god gave me a second chance to come back to earth,i am very spirtual,i try to give inspiriation to others,when i tell them god loves every human and forgives us our sins!!he is alive and most certainly when we DIE,he takes us to his paradize thats !a place i will return to when he calls me home!i walk talk see hear,have lovely long blonde hair,look very young indeed,amaze people when they think i am just in my early 40 and i am 57yrs,looking at the proof of my photos in a wheelchair or bed so ill you cant beleave its the same person,yes our loving god sees the “heart”of use humans a women left to die!and alone comes another team of surgeons who work and pray to god to guide there “hands that he gave them”thats only a part of the proof that our god already has many prophets here on earth,i cant judge this gentleman or his book,it was my mothers nurse that told me after she saw my photographs and was totaly shocked at what she saw and could not beleave it that it was possable for anyone to look so good and now she knows 100%that god is very much alive,i know my bible yes more now than ever!!but most of all i have been richly blessed to see?a world i cannot explain awaits for us,and its been my inspiriation in my life now,i have many probs; but you cant see them ,as i never dwell on any of my pain,simply he gave me anew life and a new light,everyday i thank him in prayer,i talk all the timetoo him,and in my human body he made for us all,on this planet we call earth,lets us all know he is alive!!and i have suffered much heartache before i collopsed and as i say went on a jounrney to our lords home—–i have such contentment threw my pain !!WHY–BECAUSE HE SUFFERED TO BUT HE SAW MY HEART XX SO TAKE THIS SMALL STORY INTO YOUR HEART ,PRAY TO HIM AND WAIT AND SEE HIS HELP COME TO YOU,OH YES HE DOES COME IN MYSTIC WAYS,THE SPIRITUAL APPREHENSION OF TRUTH,FEAR NOT MY CHILD I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL THAT READS WHAT I HAVE SAID THIS DAY APRIL SUNDAY 5TH 2009 yesterday has gone theres no recall and tomorrow has yet to unfold,if you are suffering open you window and look around you at what he created for us all ,the moon .stars,the flowers,and his lovely birds singing away for us all,no amount of money can take this away from us!!that my richness his works and love he has done for us humans xxxgod bless you all maryann now back home in scotland

  22. Matt I got saved in 1974 I was 19 I am now 54. I did read 90 min in heaven, I don’t normally go for stories Like Don Pipers BUT I do believe what happened to him is true. His story does not contradict the Bible in anyway, remember he was dead for 90 min, The Lord only revealed to him just what was necessary, anymore he would not of come back. Moses saw a burning bush and God revealed his plan to Moses and yet that was a very unusual event. Should you or I say that is not God’s way ? God is sovereign and doesn’t give account to anyone ! I learned through the years NOT TO PUT GOD IN A BOX. Don makes it clear without Christ there is no hope of heaven and The Lord made sure that Don revealed that in the book along with giving the Bible full authority for salvation.

  23. God bless to all my bro’s and sis’s in Christ..I have just finished Don Piper’s “90 min in heaven..I think it was an outstanding book..My concern is for all who may consider him a false prophet. 1. Satan is the author of confusion he comes to steal kill and destroy. As sheep and part of Christ’s flock we know his voice. 2. any false prophet or God sent prophet will be known by his fruits. The enemy will never do anything to uplift us or make us turn to God..reread the book, how many people were saved, had a renewing of heart or renewed belief in prayer..Satan and His minion will NEVER do that.. 2. A close personal relationship with God is just that personal, God does not deal with us the same way cause He created us all different..and dont forget Paul didnt die he had a vision which is The Revelation(unveiling) of Jesus Christ, didnt he see thousands praising God..did he not see the 12 sons of Isreal there in continual prayer? or the angels with 6 & 12 wings and eyes all over? Just because God didnt reveal those things at that time doent mean that Mr. Piper did not see heaven..He was sent back for reassurence.. I saw nothing that contradicted the scriptures..

  24. My reaction was similar to your own. Revelation 5.6 tells us that “in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain….” This tells us that in heaven the risen, glorified and sovereign Christ bears the wounds and marks of His crucifixion. Further more, the song of the elders at verses 10 and 11 and that of the angels at verse 12 give glory to Christ BECAUSE of His sacrifice of Himself upon the Cross.

    Moreover, in Christ’s parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16.19-31), Abraham specifically discounts the possibility of God doing what Piper claims God has done through him. In response to the rich man’s plea that Lazarus be sent back to earth to warn the rich man’s five brothers of the fate awaiting them in Hell, Abraham tells him that “if they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead….”

    In other words, if the revealed Word of God in the Scriptures isn’t enough to bring them to repentance and faith, no miraculous resurrection will do the trick. Needless to say, Piper’s book leaves me EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

  25. Just some thoughts for consideration:

    1. Christians have succumbed on operating tables, in accidents, etc. and come back to this life having experienced a taste of Heaven and testified to it.

    2. From a medical perspective Don Piper’s injuries were severe enough to have killed him.

    3. What is sung in the book of Revelation is what is sung when the scroll is taken by Him who is worthy and is being opened. That is not the same moment of Don Piper’s experience.

  26. […] my previous blog, I wrote a short post on one particular concern I had with Don Piper’s  then new book 90 Minutes in Heaven (“Did Don Piper’s ‘90 […]

  27. I have read 90 minutes in Heaven and yes I’m a Christian. I’m always interested in the life after.I recently lost my husband to brain cancer so I want to know what he must of saw that last few hours while he was still alive. He was talking about the white owls sitting in the trees and said my wife will take care of them.I think they were is angels waiting to take him into heaven. He was also looking around and said “music” I thought he wanted to hear some, but I think he was already hearing the music in heaven. I want to lead a decent life so I too can experience that feeling of complete peace and reassurance of everlasting life in heaven.

  28. On the one hand Bro. Matt. You said you would not read further due to words in Rev. Then when you made your point, you said you would finish the book but with prayer. I think anyone reading the book should do so in prayer and let God speak to them what he wants them to hear and understand through the writings of Don Piper. Many go to church. The pastor tells everyone the same thing, but God speaks to each individually to interpret the serman in which the pastor has given in the way he wants each one to interpret it. I shall read the book by Don Piper because, 1) it’s a positive book and 2)because you never know if the Lord Jesus has something he will have me to interpret that is just for me. God Bless. Remember, Jesus told many parables while he was on earth.

  29. I have to say that although I am a Christian and I put Jesus first in everything that I do, I was spiritually uplifted by this book. You don’t have to buy it, just borrow it from the library if you are afraid of contributing to the riches of a “false prophet.” Sometimes even Christians need to reminded of how wonderful Jesus Christ is and how important it is to live our lives the way we are supposed to. It’s easy to get sidetracked and distracted from God. After I read this book, I was immediately brought back to my Jesus and his plan for me. I immediatedly felt reconnected to my Christianity and my love for Jesus. I believe what Don Piper said was true. This book may not make everyone feel the way that I did, but it sure worked for me. I am again rejoicing my Christianity and my relationship with Jesus. I am happy that I read this book and I would recommend it to anyone.

  30. I believe Don was there for a short amount of time, therefore he could not have possibly heard all the songs there is to hear in Heaven for an ETERNITY! It’s almost as if you went into the book looking for something to be false. It was very uplifting and encouraging for me and as I read it I felt the spirit of God! I believe it as truth just as I do the Bible and found nothing in this book to go against what the Bible says.

    • I am sorry, Candace , that you thought I would go into there looking for something false when you do not know my motive at all. Piper said that there would not be sad songs because His death was a sad thing?? No, this contradicts Scripture because they since about his death and our redemption repeatedly. Just because a book may make us feel good doesn’t mean it’s true or should be equated with the Biblical truth. And isn’t that what matters most, truth?

  31. When I first read 90 Minutes, I read it 5 times. I was excited at first it seemed like a real report. As time went on however the imagery bothered me and ultimately gave me the creeps because it reminded me of New Age. As my grandfather lay dying he could already see Jesus and the heavenly host….as time has gone on the 90 account seems more demonic and delusional and not quite right. Walk by faith not sight….

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