Matthew R. Perry

Should Christians Partake of the Mixed Martial Arts Phenomenon?

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2008 at 12:23 am

Whether it’s MMA, UFC 84, Elite X — by whatever name you call it, this  gruesome, blood-stained, body-maiming phenomenon started in the shadows but now has become mainstream.  Elite X had some matches debut on CBS this past Friday night (no, I didn’t watch it).

I foresee a debate arising: should Christians partake of the MMA Phenomenon?  Before I answer, I am reminded of one person’s observation of their reaction to the coliseum games in Roman times.  The lions would be turned loose on the Christians.  This man noted, “At first, I covered my eyes.  Before I knew it, I was watching through my fingers.  Then at last, I was cheering for blood with everyone else.”

My answer to this question is an undeniable “No!”  My simple answer is that all of us are image bearers of God (Genesis 1:26-31).  We have been created with the fingerprint of God.  Are we called to participate, watch, or approve of a sport whose total goal is to injure and do bodily harm to another?  And please, do not tell me that this is simply a sport like boxing (called the “sweet science”) only amplified.

We as Christians need to uplift and protect the idea of humanity being the image bearers of God.  We must never encourage anything in which the primary aim is to injure a fellow image bearer.

  1. This is a major twisted view of MMA. For starters the goal of MMA is not to injure you opponent. A true mixed martial artist never wants to walk away from a fight knowing they injured the other fighter. secondly you say that it is not a sport like boxing simply amplified. well i would like to inform you that never has a fighter died inside the octagon or died from injury attained in the octagon. now on the other side multiple boxers die a year. boxers use 16, 14, and 12 ounce gloves that allow a boxer to sustain more damage than they should be able to. when this happens it causes the brain to swell and results in serious injury and often death. other evidence that proves boxing is a much more brutal sport is talking to a man like randy cotoure a fighter of 20 plus years. when you talk to randy you can understand everything he says. his motor skills are all perfect. in fact he is 46 years old and still fights today. now again on the other side talk to boxers that have boxed for half the time of randy. they slur their words and motor skills are slower. they have brain damage and they retire early because to sport of boxing is to rough on their brains to last. i can tell from you post you are very uneducated in the sport of MMA which would not be a problem if you did not act as if you were educated i the sport. the sport is a very technical chess battle far from brutality. in closing whether you are ignorant enough to think that MMA is brutal or not there is not doubt God is behind the sport of MMA. i know this because i have an unnatural talent in MMA that could only be a gift from God. i hope that by reading this you will open your eyes and try to actually learn of the sport of MMA before you make such outrageous allegations. I do not mean to offend or slander you or your beliefs on the situation, but i think your perception of MMA is contorted. I would love to talk some time about MMA and help you realize that it is not a gruesome, blood-stained, body-maiming phenomenon.

  2. […] eighteen months ago, I wrote a brief article regarding mixed martial arts (MMA) (June 3, 2008).  I’ve reproduced it here: Whether it’s MMA, UFC 84, Elite X — by whatever name you […]

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