Matthew R. Perry

“Making Vision Stick” — a Short Book Review

In Leadership on December 11, 2008 at 11:35 am

At the close of each year through the first few weeks of the following year, I prayerfully seek God’s will and desire for our church. I find myself reading through the Scriptures with an intentionality of understanding what God has for the church in general as well as our church specifically in where we are located.

God brings along books to me as well that are priceless. The latest book is Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley.  Having only read one other book by Stanley (Visioneering) — and that was years ago — I approached this book without much bias or even expectation.

Yet I would highly recommend this short book.  He recommends three ways to help vision stick:

  • Cast vision strategically: defining your vision
  • Celebrate vision systematically: regularly rejoicing in the successes
  • Live your vision continuously: putting your vision into practice in your own life.

He goes on to note how the vision statement for the church must be simple and memorable.  He notes how it is better to have vision statement simple and incomplete rather than complete but too long to remember.  It is up to the leader to help those following him to see the vision the leader has embraced.

  1. thanks for pointing out this book. i have heard nothing but great things about andy stanley, and this book looks pretty good. but, please tell me he doesn’t use the verse, “without vision the people perish” lol. everyone misuses that verse.

    again, thanks

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