Matthew R. Perry

Back from Trinidad & Tobago

In Trinidad & Tobago on January 26, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Now that I’m back from Trinidad and am relatively settled in, I will be back to my usual sporadic blogging.

In regards to my Trinidad trip, I posted some short videos on my YouTube channel. I warn you: I was only equipped with a digital camera, so the quality is not super sharp.

Here is a video I took of the church where I ministered, the Mt. Beulah Evangelical Baptist Church in Point Fortin:

I also had the opportunity to visit and interview two pastors.  One is Pastor Boodoo Gopaul of the Granville Open Bible Church (below).


The other pastor was Vickran Hajaree , Pastor of the Open Bible Cathedral in Point Fortin.  Below is a picture of Hajaree, followed by his beautiful sanctuary.



I had the blessing of conducting a pastors’ conference on Friday-Saturday, January 16-17 at Mt. Beulah.  You see the registration and the books many of you contributed.




This was during a break at the conference.


  1. As we see pain in Japan, i heard the carnival nuclear-nudity has polluted many, devastated, displaced, and caused misery to many in Trinidad and Tobago.
    This spirit need to be dealt with, starting, NOW!! It is time to destroy this principality.
    We should NOW team up in a spiritual warfare as churches and believers in Trinidad and Tobago against these acts during the celebration.

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