Matthew R. Perry

Interview with John MacArthur on 40 Years of Ministry at Grace Church

In John MacArthur on February 3, 2009 at 1:46 pm

God used John MacArthur greatly in bringing me into the preaching ministry. His radio and tape ministry, Grace To You, had a profound effect on my life. I remember when I was at First Baptist Church, Clewiston, Florida, when I was struggling with my calling from music ministry to the pastorate, I would sit in my garage and work on some things while listening to tapes of MacArthur’s preaching. His commitment to the Word, regardless of the topic or the difficulty. That had a deep effect on me and I remember thinking, “God, if you call me into this, help me to preach with this commitment to the Scriptures–this is Your Word!”

On February 9, 1969, John MacArthur will celebrate his 40th anniversary as pastor of Grace Community Church near Los Angeles. This is a great accomplishment for the Kingdom and a testimony to the staying power of the Word of God!

Rick Holland interviews Dr. MacArthur on those 40 years. There’s both a transcript and an MP3.


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