Matthew R. Perry

Tozer on the Danger of Meaningless Words

In Church Life on February 11, 2009 at 11:18 am
A.W. Tozer (1897-1963) was a plain-spoken pastor who spoke the penetrating truth of the Word of God without compromise or apology. His legacy was not only in two of his classic works, The Pursuit of God, and Knowledge of the Holy, but in his insistence that our relationship with God go beneath the external surface of religious ritual.

Today’s Tozer Devotional deals with how Christians use certain religious words without thinking:

At the risk of shocking some tender-minded persons, I venture to list here a few words and phrases that to millions of evangelical Christians have no longer an identifiable content and are used merely as religious sounds without any relation to reality. They have meaning, and they are good and sacred words, but they have no meaning as used by the speaker and as heard by the listener in the average religious gathering. Here they are: victory, heart and life, all out for God, to the glory of God, receive a blessing, conviction, faith, revival, consecration, the fullness of God, by the grace of God, on fire for God, born again, filled with the Spirit, hallelujah, accept Christ, the will of God, joy and peace, following the Lord–and there are scores of others.

We have reared a temple of religious words comfortably disassociated from reality. And we will soon stand before that just and gentle Monarch who told us that we should give an account of every idle word. God have mercy on us.

Are there any we can add to the list?

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