Matthew R. Perry

Review of Ben Stein’s “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”

In Church Life on March 6, 2009 at 10:48 pm


Tonight, we debuted Friday Night Flicks at our church where the first Friday of each month, we watch a movie with either a Christian theme or (as in this case) a theme regarding the culture’s view of Christianity.

The first movie we watched was Ben Stein’s “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” (You can view the official website as well.) One could not help but notice Stein’s even-handedness in this documentary (for an example of the opposite approach, watch anything by Michael Moore or Bill Maher). Stein was empathetic, gracious, unintrusive—yet all the while continuing to press the issue of where life originated.

The main theme of this movie was the freedom—freedom that this country is supposed to provide—is being squelched by academia who view anything remotely religious as sheer fantasy and therefore unscientific.

Stein claims that we should have the freedom to look at the evidence and make determinations regardless of worldview. Yet numerous times, atheistic scientists claim that science impacted their worldview, but in reality our worldview impacts how we look at everything, even science.

Many of the flaws of Darwinism are exposed, and Stein gives these “expelled” professors and scientists a forum to state their case—a forum not provided apparently in academia, where the mere mention of Intelligent Design will not only threaten their job, but increase the risk of that professor finding reputable and gainful employment elsewhere. Anything relating to the notion of an intelligent designer, even alluding to it objectively, is not a safe course of action.

When watching this movie, one must understand upfront that intelligent design (ID) is not the same as biblical creationism (although Darwinists understand that ID could lead to creationism). ID simply says that what we see has the mark of a designer, one who is not identified. Biblical creationists identify the designer!

Yet Stein succeeds in showing us what the majority of the public have long suspected: there is academic freedom, just so long as that freedom stays within the accepted bounds of certain academic understandings. Darwinism and secular humanism rule the day, making no allowances for a six-day Creator. Stein believes that we should have the freedom to look at the evidence, do the research, and make our determinations based upon the evidence, not whether our answers fit in to our previously built parameters of secular academia.

I can’t recommend this documentary highly enough.

To see some clips of the movie, click here.


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