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Liveblogging from Salem, KY (10/13/07): I made it

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2007 at 8:41 pm

Praise God! I made it to Salem in fairly good time. The 250 mile trip took approximately four-hours. I took the Blue Grass Parkway from Lexington to Elizabethtown, got on I-65 South for about 15 seconds, then travelled on the Western Kentucky Parkway for about 120 miles. Driving from the WKP to Salem was a scenic bonanza. I enjoy the picturesque nature of Kentucky immensely.

Tomorrow, I begin my series of sermons at Salem Baptist Church on “Questions the Culture Asks (But Christians Are Afraid to Answer).” You can find the sermons on this subject that I preached in September at the Boone’s Creek website .

I would like to thank the Ohio River Valley Baptist Association for allowing me to stay in their guest room (called “The Prophet’s Room which was dedicated here by the associational WMU back in 1995). It was here that I saw the University of Kentucky beat LSU 43-37 in a nationally televised football game. I’m a UofL fan, but I’m finding myself not only falling in love with the Commonwealth of Kentucky but also all that it has to offer.

Not only that, but Salem Baptist has stocked their refrigerator with snacks, breakfast foods, soft drinks, and water for my stay here. I am thankful for their gracious hospitality.

Please pray that the Spirit of God would move in our midst here.

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