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My Impression of the ESV Study Bible

In ESV on October 24, 2008 at 1:59 pm

It was no secret to those close to me that I was eagerly awaiting the new ESV Study Bible. Some rolled their eyes, others cordially listened, still others shared my enthusiasm. Having been excited about such items beforehand, especially with all the hype that has surrounded this work, I still felt a catch in my spirit which said, “Don’t get your hopes up too high–not everything lives up to the hype.”

So on October 18, it arrived.

Snazzy design on the box.  I open it up, and am thankful I obtained a Black Classic TruTone rather than the genuine leather which tends to bend and keep the creases the first time you open it up.  The TruTone has a nice feel that has proven to maintain even if it gets caught in weather.  (Yes, I have a compact TruTone Bible that I took to Trinidad in 2004.  And, yes, I foolishly left it out in the rain.  And yes, it held together great.)

Classic Black TruTone

Classic Black TruTone

And my first impression was, “Wow …

Surprised by the size!

This is a big Bible!!

And big it was. 2700+ pages. For some perspective, here’s it up against my Coke Zero and my coffee pot (which I never use, thanks to the Coke Zero!).

While the look on my face may convey distress and surprise, this does not mean I was unhappy.  You see, when I opened it up and began to see the great resources in it in regards to maps, tables, charts, book introductions, notes that do not get in the way–I realized I had a very special resources in my hands.

Here’s the five-minute video.

I heartily recommend this majestic work.

Extended Video on the ESV Study Bible

In ESV on September 23, 2008 at 12:24 pm

Check out this 13 minute video covering the particulars of the ESV Study Bible.

Countdown to the ESV Study Bible Release

In Church Life on September 12, 2008 at 12:27 pm

Evidently, numerous requests were made to the ESV publishers to put out a widget giving us a countdown. I’m thankful so many people are so excited about the Word of God.

ESV Study Bible Excerpts — This Looks Impressive

In ESV on August 28, 2008 at 1:02 pm

Some of you at my church have inquired about the new ESV Study Bible that is coming out. I must say, this study Bible looks impressive! To be honest, I had begun veering away from study Bibles in resisting the temptation to look at the study notes with the same solemnity as the Holy Scriptures.

Yet, this looks like a wonderful resource to help my people and me understand the Word better. The notes, the maps, the layout are all crisp and detailed. My only concern is the size. This is an almost 2,800 page Bible — a beast to carry around, I would assume. Aside from this, I eagerly await its release on October 15.

ESV has released some excerpts in pdf format:

Introduction to the Psalms, along with the notes for Psalm 1

Introduction to the book of Isaiah, along with the notes for the first two chapters

The entire book of Jonah

Introduction to Ezekiel, along with the first two chapters

Introduction to the Gospel according to Luke

Introduction and notes for chapter 1 of Colossians

Introduction to Revelation

A Reconstruction of Golgotha, the hill upon which Jesus died

Solomon’s Temple

Where Was Jesus Buried?